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    TV alert: Tonight (Sunday May 24) on ESPN - new 30 for 30: "Lance"

    Same here. Tired of ESPN tying Alabama and Auburn together. ESPN does not have enough tape to discuss UA/West Georgia rivalry properly. I would love to see a "30 for 30" about Saban's continuing dynasty at Alabama. I agrree with 4Q. The cheating did not bother me because quite frankly Lance...
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    Squirrel battles...

    Well this story is nuts. I know, I know, I will show myself the door.
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    News Article: 3-star tight ends spurns Bama for...Mizzou

    Bama, like all schools, don't have room for everybody. He wants to stay home, get an education and play ball, great for him. Just because he had an offer from Bama (like hundreds of HS football players), it does not mean he "spurned" Bama.
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    2020 In Memoriam thread

    Two things I learned about Ken Osmond: 1. He became a L.A. police officers (motorcycle). He was shot five times during a pursuit of a suspected car thief. 2. There was an urban legand that had him becoming rock star legend Alice Cooper. That's all I got.
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    2020 In Memoriam thread

    Geno Silva, aka The Skull (the guy who killed Tony) from Scarface, died at 72.
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    2020 In Memoriam thread

    Fred Willard, 86.
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    2021 Prospect: 4* S Kaine Williams commits to Bama

    But where's the Undertaker? (Yes, I know, not the same spelling for the name Kane.)
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    Video: How Bama Fans are Surviving Quarantine..FunnyMaine

    Yeah, I thought he was trying a little to hard to be funny. It's more real than funny.
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    Should Taulia transfer to another school? [5/15 It's Official: Taulia to Maryland]

    Maryland, hmmm...It's not the SEC or a school in Florida so I am ok with it. Maryland just feels so out of the blue decision to me. Good luck to him.
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    What are you listening to (Music)

    A few buddies and I were talking music the other day and we stumbled onto an interested musical topic: songs that would have worked as instrumental, ie no vocals. Kashmir by Led Zeppelin, Crazy Train by Ozzy, Thunderstruck by AC/DC are a few songs brought up as songs that would have been...
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    2021 first round WR

    If Joe Burrows can break out for LSU after four unremarkable years at aOSU/LSU then anything is possible for Mac Jones.
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    TV alert: "The Last Dance" documentary on ESPN about the Chicago Bulls championship seasons

    In a word........Jealousy. MJ was THE NEXT BIG THING going in 1985, Thomas saw it and it led to Isiah leading a freeze out of MJ during the ASG that year. IT was also jealous that his city, Chicago, took to MJ---a NY kid---over him. After battling through the Bird's Celtics and Magic's...
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    Game Thread: 2020 NFL Draft

    Look, I love Khalil Mack and nobody Oak draft with the picks they got from the Bears will ever be as good at their position as Mack is at his but not having a first rd pick makes the draft very boring. Happy for the Bama boys, though. Love is a boom or bust prospect for the Packers but...
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    Gronk is Back!!!!!

    Trading for a broken, soon-to-be 31 year old TE who retired is a gamble, no doubt about it. For the Patriots to get a 4th for him is a great deal. Not sure what TB is doing other than to placate Tom Brady. Anybody who thinks TB is getting prime Brady/Gronk is going to be in a rude awakening...
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    TV alert: "The Last Dance" documentary on ESPN about the Chicago Bulls championship seasons

    So...................jealous of you. Going to Chicago and taking in a Cubs game at Wrigley and Hawks/Bulls game at the UC are all on my bucket list.

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