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    SCOTUS and Roe - Part 2

    I hate abortion (in my eyes, legal baby murder) but I hate children going into adoption or foster care. What's the answer?
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    2023 Recruiting Targets

    I really wish Bimbo and Karen were in the same conference again.
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    From a Former Republican: How the Democrats Could Win

    They are working together to destroy the morale of the country. They are doing a bang up job at that.
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    Joke thread - including cartoons, memes, and misc - Part III

    Trevor Lawrence had 70% of his rookie contract paid out in crypto. Funny and true, apparently.
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    Tyler Harrell commits to Bama

    Tyler Harrell .v. that dude that races at Braves games.
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    Question: Do You Have A Pet Peeve?

    people who called celebrities "besties" on twitter, etc. stans of certain pop stars (ie Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, something called a "BTS", etc) Kirby Smart.
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    I don’t normally agree with Danny Kanell but he is spot on about UT baseball

    CWS has started and to think UTe is not in it is still a beautiful sight. College Baseball lucked out that ND eliminated UTe. Could you imagine UTe winning the college baseball world series and then it broke that they've been illegal bats all season?
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    Game Thread: Braves @ Cubs

    Now listen here guys, I have grown accustomed to the Cubs losing. Not just losing but losing by two touchdowns. And then Friday happen? Don't worry ATL will probably put up 10+ each of the next two games. Weeeeeeeee. With that said, at least Kevin Alcantara (the young man the Cubs got in the...
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    2022 MLB Season Thread

    TIL, Roger Clemens youngest son (I believe), Kody, is now in the majors. In other news, father time just punched me in the gut. I know it happens more than I realize, but it does not change the fact that is still weird to see kids of players from your youth are now at the major league level.
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    Game Thread: Stanley Cup Finals: Avalanche vs Lightning

    Don't need a 3x defending champ, so come on Colorado, crash the Lightning chances at another title.
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    What are you listening to (Music) IV

    Are we not all a little country-fried? Don't you want a cold beer on a Friday night and jeans that fit just right.
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    2022 MLB Season Thread

    So.......the Cubs DFA'd Sean Newcomb. Oh well, it was worth a flier.
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    Tennessee has an obsession with throwing mustard on the field

    UTe are staying home courtesy of the Irish that Fights? Whaaaaaaat?!?!?! I cannot fathom how the outcome of losing the Super Regionals could happen to such an honourable and respectable bunch of Neanderthals. Colour me shocked.....SHOCKED at UTe losing. 😈
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    Yeah but the PGA is not controlled by the U.S. government like LIV is with Saudi Arabia. Big difference.

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