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    2021 Ticket Availability Appears Higher than Normal

    Well that was a complete waste of time. My son just graduated from UA so I was going to log on at the beginning of my window to get him a pair of season tickets as a graduation gift. The only seats available on the West side of the stadium were singles. Who in the heck wants a SINGLE season...
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    BREAKING Bill O’Brien a candidate for OC (update: officially hired!)

    Now finish it, Flounder.
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    Gus Malzahn fired (and (laughable) coaching search...)

    Has never coached in the South. Good luck in recruiting against Nick, Kirby, Ed, Dan etc
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    Coach Saban: I'm going to donate my plasma

    And incidentally, Coach Saban is also an organ donor. He is nothing if not a good example.
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    Coach Saban: I'm going to donate my plasma

    It's like being an organ donor... I can't think of a reason NOT to do that if it can help someone else.
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    Tide Pride: Ticket refund

    Update: My refund came through yesterday, in two separate installments. Don't understand what took so long but I am happy to have the money back.
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    Tide Pride: Ticket refund

    I feel you and are in the same boat. Bama grad 2X and TP since 1998. First insult was no option to roll over excess funds to next year. Second insult was clawing back of Tide Totals points for requesting refund. Third insult is the excessive time it has taken for these refunds. Times are tough...
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    Poll: How much do you really miss sports? A true measure.

    Why the hate for Beth Mowins? I think she is a good announcer and far more listenable than, for example, Brent Musburger.
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    Best place to eat in Tuscaloosa?

    Taco Casa. Look for the Big Green Cactus.
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    Football Nerds -- Alabama VS LSU (I'll take it ;))

    The outcry from AU nation when LSU gets called for holding (maybe multiple times) in this game is going to be delicious.
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    Special lighting at BDS

    It will be dark by the 2d half and the lights will be in full use by the 4th.
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    Special lighting at BDS

    Oh come on. What a thrill it is when the students all rise as one and, united in their love and devotion for the University, say "BEAT AUBURN!" Gives me chills each time. :cool2:
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    Plain Trouble on "Da Plains" (all AU posts here)

    It's interesting to me that both of the young QBs have such different skill sets coming out of HS. This would seem to mean that the coaches better make a QB decision early in the Fall since the offense each QB runs is so different. I would be interested in hearing your take on this.
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    Plain Trouble on "Da Plains" (all AU posts here)

    QB development is the key to the AU season. Gus has shown himself to be completely inept at actually developing QBs... any success he has had has come from upperclassmen transfers. I don't see any reason this trend should change, but with above-average QB play and the AU defense (at least the...
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    Team Hotels?

    Thanks. We are at the Santa Clara Marriott, so not a team hotel.