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    UAB's Bill Clark stepping down due to health concerns

    We have been Bill Clark fans and believers since his Prattville days. Wishing the best for him and his family.
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    Future of the Program

    It's the 1-run losses that doomed us. If I recall correctly what I saw a week or so ago, A&M was 11-6 in those games while we were 7-12. If we could've turned half of those losses into wins, we'd have been firmly in the tournament and possibly in consideration for hosting a regional.
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    I don’t normally agree with Danny Kanell but he is spot on about UT baseball

    Final: Arkansas 11-1 Auburn Hogs vs. Rebels again Wednesday
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    Question: 2 guys from London, UK are attending the Crimson Tide Football game. What's the best way to get to the game from Birmingham

    There is, or at least was, a guy in Birmingham that ran a charter bus shuttle business for Bama games (round trip). I haven't used this guy for home games, but I have for some Bama away games (last time was 2018 for NC game vs. UGA). At least his website is still up and running... If you stay in...
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    Future of the Program

    Taking this end of the year opportunity to rid myself of the built-up angst and enjoy the offseason. We all have our ideas of where things went awry. For me, it was when Mal allowed Wells to "unretire" until he was assured Gaspard would replace him. Gaspard was given 7 years to drag the program...
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    Bama Game Thread: Sec Tourney play

    Our run in Hoover ends with an 11-6 loss to Florida. A 4 spot in the 9th by the Gators put it out of reach. According to D1-Baseball we were the last team in to start the day. Nothing else we can do to help our cause except hope the right teams also lose today, like Kentucky.
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    Alabama Set to Open SEC Tournament Play with Georgia

    We're off to a good start, leading 5-1. However, the game is in a rain delay going into the bottom of the 3rd.
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    Dana Duckworth (Gymnastics HC) Steps Down

    Wow, didn't take long to find a new coach: Ashley Priess-Johnston. I'm not positive without looking it up but I think she is a former Bama gymnast. I don't yet know anything else about her resume, as in if/where she has been coaching.
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    Future of the Program

    I'm not clear on what you're saying here. That not playing Auburn in Montgomery was helpful, hurtful, or that we don't play that game any longer due to our struggles? The teams played at Riverwalk every year from 2009 through 2019 and we were only 2-9 in those games. So, from a record...
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    Tuscaloosa Regional

    Murphy has wasted a ton of good pitchers over the past 10 years due to our consistent lack of hitting prowess. This squad scored 35 runs in 4 games in Tuscon to start the season, they currently do not resemble that group in any way and haven't since the first of April.
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    Early Vegas Odds

    Hmmm, trying to find some Georgia players on that Heisman list... been hearing them bark all off-season about their QB but I don't see him among those favorites - betting or otherwise.
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    Future of the Program

    We'd all like to win more games, compete for titles, and go to the CWS. I think Coach Bo can do those things for us even with the disadvantages we currently play with. If things could be done to level the playing field - even a little bit - I think we could again be a force to be reckoned with...
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    NHL anyone?

    The Preds have been without their #1 goalie and haven't played well as a result. I'd like to see them rally but don't think they can win the series now. So many of the games thus far have been one-sided, lots of blowouts - but I'm still enjoying watching.
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    Alabama Comes Up Short in Friday Contest with 19th-Ranked LSU, 6-5

    Another 1-run game. That's 17 this season and we're 6-11 in those games.
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    Four-Game Homestand for Alabama Starts with UAB on Tuesday

    I saw somewhere today, that D1baseball and Baseball America (I think it was them), both have us as a 3 seed in the Hattiesburg regional. I could be okay with that, at least we'd be in the tourney.

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