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    The Deshaun Watson saga

    get Watson and draft Williams at WR.. do it ATL
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    Poll: The SEC Tournament Poll Thread...

    i think Tenn/UK will win the SEC tourney this season. would be nice to see Bama get by UT/UK though. Anything could happen at that point for the good guys..
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    What About Those Auburn Tigers?

    although i'm not overly impressed with Auburn as a number 1 team, i am very impressed with Kessler. He is a true big man. And he's every bit of his listed height with impressive wingspan. Even though the center position in the NBA is different, i think he will have a good NBA career.
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    Game Thread: Super Bowl LVI: Cincinnati Bengals vs LA Rams (630 EST Kickoff)

    now that was a decent halftime show. enjoyed it
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    Bama Game Thread: Bama vs. MSU - The Good, The Bad, The Ugly...

    wonder if this is a lineup change. at this point, have to switch something up IMO..
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    Is it too early for this? Who comes back and who turns pro?

    some good observations. not good getting off blocks or attacking blockers. Just didnt play physical football. But his speed is impressive when he had a clear shot to the QB.. Those early season misses became good plays by the end of the year. I also agree on Billingsley
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    Cincy v. Bama at Jerryworld Tickets?

    i was just stating the get in price. which is upper deck.
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    BREAKING Bowl Games are set - no one cares but they're set.

    some good matchups. a few duds. i am actually looking foward to the UF/UCF matchup.
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    Cincy v. Bama at Jerryworld Tickets?

    stub hub has been best for me. this game is at about 135 per/get in price.. it will get lower than that by gameday
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    Bama Game Thread: OFFICIAL Postgame thread - Bama @ Auburn...

    oh yes.. they got the extended version actually
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    Link: Lets get ready for BAMA in the ESPN Invitational Nov. 25, 26 & 28

    JD with 7 turnovers.. got to get a grip on that
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    Let's talk about coordinators

    i have no idea who is at fault but since PG got here we have had so many plays where pre-snap you can see that there will be a guy open or an issue. i would not expect the casual football fan to notice however there is no way Coach Saban does not recognize this on film. for me, it's more...
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    Player celebrations

    doesnt bother me one bit as long as it nothing worthy of a penalty. all that matters in the end is the scoreboard. i do find the celebrations after a noncatchable ball where the defender was beat funny though.
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    Alabama Tip Off Event

    goodness, we have never had this amount of explosiveness on one roster in all my years watching Bama basketball. will be fun to watch
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    Bryant Denny changing music?

    i'd say please no to Hells Bells.. personal preferences

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