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    Senior Bowl: Mac Jones accepts invite

    Since there will be no combine this year, I imagine the Senior Bowl will have more "quality" players who wouldn't want to risk injury than normal. It will be the last chance for many to impress scouts and either solidify or improve their draft stock.
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    Impact of Missing OSU DL

    Are those players definitely out?
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    Happy Birthday Latest Bama Dynasty - 14 years and counting...

    As stated a couple of years ago on an Atlanta Sports talk radio show, the host (an Auburn grad) said the following: "since Saban got to LSU, and continuing through his time with Alabama, every player Saban has recruited and stayed with the program for three years, has won a national...
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    2020 coaching carousel

    Meyer is a great coach but in reality, he can no longer handle the stress that goes with it. I thought the health related reason when he left Florida was Saban induced. However, I believe after he had to leave Ohio State, his health issues are real and he won't return to coaching.
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    Waddle working to return to the field (Final decision will be made tonight)

    With him, I think the Tide would be unstoppable. Without him, we're still really good, but the sledding would be tougher.
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    Gus Malzahn fired (and (laughable) coaching search...)

    To fire anyone this year in CFB, just doesn't make a lot a sense.
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    Thoughts on the Heisman Race....

    I don't think Trask has a chance now that FL will not be in the CFP. The ONLY chance he has is if Mac and Smith split the vote.
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    Game Thread: UF vs. LSU...

    If FL loses, does that virtually guarantee Bama a spot in the CFP?
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    Waddle injured on opening KO return (out for season)

    He was such a key to our dominate offense. Don't know if we can go all the way now. I hate TN.
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    Waddle injured on opening KO return (out for season)

    Waddle going to the hospital looks like a long term issue. Given they have X-Ray machines at the stadium, it's likely it's a multi-game or season ending injury. Crap.
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    News Article: What went into Henry Ruggs III’s NFL decision, and why he nearly came back to Alabama

    I can't help but think that getting his bell rung in the bowl game played some part in the decison.
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    BAMA in CFP?

    With Tua out, and thank God his surgery sounded like it went extremely well, is there any way BAMA can make the CFP? I think if LSU wins the SECCG, then GA has two losses and GA will not get in. However, if UGA beats LSU, does both UGA and LSU get in? If LSU wins, and BAMA beats Auburn at...
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    What QB do you choose for your all decade team?

    QB of the decade has to be AJ. He led the team to two national titles. The most gifted QB, Tua no doubt.
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    ADMIN NOTE: Statement on Tua Tagovailoa from Alabama team surgeon Dr. Lyle Cain (Saturday)

    Re: Statement on Tua Tagovailoa from Alabama team surgeon Dr. Lyle Cain I don't know how anyone could read this and think it's anything but bad news. Must have discovered more complicated/problematic to require a trip to Houston.
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    Tua's Injury

    I'm afraid his draft status will be hurt by more than just this single injury. Considering he's had two high ankle sprains and now a possible dislocated hip, he may be branded as "injury prone".