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    What is the worst Alabama game that you've attended in person?

    20-13 loss to UT in Knoxville in 07. Sacked Peyton, he fumbles, we fall on it at the 2 (instead of picking it up) and can't punch it in for a 20-0 lead. They come back and win on a 80 yard TD run in the 4th when we have every defensive player on the los....ripped my heart out. Losing to Vandy...
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    News Article: Missouri Has No Clue

    I really wouldn't be shocked if they beat UGA. It's their 1st home SEC game. The fans and the team will really be pumped, and last I heard Richt is still at UGA.
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    Link: BCS Officially Strips USC of their National Championship

    When OSU gets 30 wins taken from them I'll buy doubles. Ya'll all know Paterno and Nebraska can get the big 10 title this year. The fun hasn't even started yet.
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    Ohio State fans rally in support at Tressel's home

    200 people there?......LOL!!!! I'd feel an ounce of sympathy for him if he wasn't the arrogant elitist he is. OSU fanbase has been feeding off that. Today he couldn't get an assistant job in the SEC. Couldn't even be the water boy. Everything Clarett said 10 years ago was true. OSU is going...
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    UT video of new sports complex

    I guess they got word and edited the beginning out. At 35 seconds in they showed the front of the building and had Tennessee spelled "Tenneessee".:rolleye2:
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    UT video of new sports complex

    They misspell Tennessee 35 seconds in. :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin: Tennessee Fund
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    Waiting for Iron Bowl kick-off......

    You are not crazy. My stomach has been in knots for a week!
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    Link: Huntsville BBQ?

    I had eaten at Whitts and Bob Gibson's. Both have good BBQ even though I can't stand Bob Gibson's sides. I have never tried Thomas, and will definitly try it next time we head to Huntsville. We went to Granvilles since it was on the way to Parkway Place mall. You were right it is a hole in the...
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    Link: Huntsville BBQ?

    Many thanks, Going to give it a try. Sounds great!
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    Link: Huntsville BBQ?

    Hello Tidefans, My wife and I are leaving Tennessee to go to Huntsville to Christmas shop tomorrow, and she is craving BBQ for dinner. Gotta love her! Who has the best lunch BBQ in Huntsville? Thanks:)
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    Some Comments On SEC Out-Of-Conference Scheduling

    The SEC East stinks. Take a look at UF's schedule this year.
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    Some Comments On SEC Out-Of-Conference Scheduling

    Just an opinion, but I think UF is the worst. I know they play FSU every year, and Miami on occasion, but UF just doesn't leave the state to play anyone OOC. The last time they did was 1991 when they played Syracuse.
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    FWAA considering awarding 2004 national championship to Auburn

    I wonder if auburn would have to give tubby a bonus check if they were awarded the title.
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    News Article: Erin Andrews added on GameDay. What's her role to be?

    After 3 pages I was wanting for someone to say it. She only says what someone has told her to say. Only Craig James and Musberger (sp) would be worse for Gameday. PAC 10 homers know less than her! :)
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    News Article: Forget it Barners - you will not be 2004 NC Champs

    I knew way back the SEC was the toughest conference:wink: At that time (2004) there was all that OOC scheduling talk which was a lie. Auburn had beaten I believe 7 top 25 teams that year. The PAC, Big 10, and Big 12 were the power conferences according to ESPN. At least that's what ESPN pushed...