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    Seriously, Bama could still get in the top4, if tcu gets blown out by 17 points or more..?

    The 2 losses will be too much to overcome,guys.Please don’t set yourselves up for disappointment.
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    Pick the score : Bama vs Ole Miss

    31-30 Black Bears
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    The consistent mediocrity of Pete Gol*ing

    We need to go get DeMeco to coach the defense after this season.
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    Bama Game Thread: OFFICIAL POSTGAME THREAD - Bama @ Vols...

    A lot contributed to us losing but they pulled that pi call straight out of the crack of their you know what.That was dirty late call that cost us the game.Sickening.
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    Question: Are Opposing Teams Good at Guesing OR Are We Tipping Our Plays on Offense???

    I'm hoping this is the last year of this.We need some young blood in there.
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    UCLA and USC WILL Join the B1G in 2024

    I’m so turned off by College Football right now. It’s sad but i’m really starting to not care anymore.
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    Brent Venables hired by OU as HC.

    I guess they could have done worse.
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    Bama Game Thread: OFFICIAL Postgame Thread - Bama vs. UGA...

    Wow.Amazing win.We can't pay Coach Saban enough.Priceless.
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    **Pick the Score** SECCG - Bama vs UGA

    Bama 24-10
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    Question: Anyone else caught off guard by the new overtime rules?

    I'm glad we took advantage of the new rules.That about gave us all heartattacks.
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    Doubting Alabama and predicting Alabama's downfall only makes you look foolish (Josh Pate 1-18 segment)

    I wish I could find audio of Colin Cowherd saying how Gus Malzahn was going to "own" Alabama for years to come after the 2013 Ironbowl.One of the most ridiculous takes I have ever heard.Where's all that Gus Malzahn praise these days?Probably the biggest WHERE COLIN WAS WRONG!! ever!
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    Bama Game Thread: Official Post Game Thread Bama v. Michigan...

    Great win everybody.Always feels great to beat Ohio State or Michigan.Proud of the team.

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