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    Seriously, Bama could still get in the top4, if tcu gets blown out by 17 points or more..?

    I agree, but so will TCU. Clemson at least won their conference. I don't really care for them, but they seem to be a better team with that freshman QB Klubneik than DJ U. I think they end up ranking 7th behind Bama and TN and USC probably will be 8th.
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    No way tcu is better than Bama with a healthy Bryce Young. If the committee's job is to get the best 4 teams, they have to put Alabama over tcu.

    Saban was just interviewed and gave a great case for Bama. I read the article Charlie Potter wrote about it. It’s on BOL 247 sports. I’ll try to see if I can cut and paste it .The interview was on the College Football Show with AJ MaCarron and another guy.
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    Coaching Carousel 2022

    I don't know, just saw someone posted it on another site. Hope they take Golding too. lol. We can get better coaches who are also good recruiters.
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    Game Thread: SEC Championship | LSU vs UGA (CBS @ 230p CT)

    To run up the score to make Bama's loss look worse... and it was a 2 pt conversion, which is what LSU did to beat Bama. And to show how dominant they are and they deserve to be #1? I don't know, but those are some possible reasons. Plus, Kirby can be a jerk sometimes even though he is a really...
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    Coaching Carousel 2022

    Looks like Charles Kelly is going to Colorado. I wonder if T Rob will go with him?
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    Game Thread: Big XII Championship Game: #10 Kansas State vs. #3 TCU 12/03 (ABC @ 11:00 CT)

    The refs owe us one.... if this is a close game, let Kansas State win so Bama can get into the playoffs. This will make up for the bad ref crew at the TN game. lol. :) I don't expect the CFP to put Bama in, but it sure would be nice to make the playoffs. RTR
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    Let the Madness begin - How Bama makes it to the playoffs…..

    If Bama does not sneak in the playoffs (I dont think we will), then I will be cheering for whoever is in to beat UGA.... hopefully in the semi finals. I do not want UGA winning back to back or have the possibility of 3 in a row.
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    Game Thread: PAC12 Championship | Utah vs USC (FOX @ 7p CT)

    I went to bed at the half when it was tied thinking with Bama's luck, USC would win. WOW. I just checked the score. I don't know what happened, but I will need to watch the 2nd half highlites. Utah looks like a scrappy team with fight.
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    News Article: Leaving & Staying: What Alabama Offense Might Look Like Next Season

    I don't know all the x's and o's about RB's blocking, etc, but I hope Haynes and Young come in and both get decent playing time. Maybe they can practice the blocking/blitzing stuff in January for a few months with some other teammates as they hang out together at someone's house, etc since they...
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    Coaching Carousel 2022

    I wonder if it is Roach or T Rob, if they will try to get some of the recruits verbally committed to Bama to go with them to Colorado. I doubt it will happen, but you never know. Hopefully, the ones verbally committed all sign in December, especially Caleb Downs and a few others we really need...
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    Coaching Carousel 2022

    I don't think it will be Golding, but hope it is. It is more likely Charles Kelley or T Rob.
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    Coaching Carousel 2022

    Where do you live in Florida? Near any of the bowl games?
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    Coaching Carousel 2022

    I saw that Tom Herman got the FAU job. I guess if he was on our OC list, can mark him off. I'm not sure he would be a good fit as OC at Bama anyway.
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    Let the Madness begin - How Bama makes it to the playoffs…..

    I agree. IF the games are close this weekend, it will be interesting to see which team the refs favor......

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