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    Bama Game Thread: Official Game Thread - Bama vs. UK, Postgame thread...

    What kind of defense does Auburn play? I hope Mac has his best game so far next week. I hope the weather is nice . Looks like rain but it’s still early. Glad it’s a home game.
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    Bama Game Thread: Official Pregame Thread - Bama vs. UK, SECN 3:00 PM CST...

    Looks like Kentucky has several starters out including their running back, according to a tweet I read on the message board from one of their sports writers. At least they are still willing to play. Also thin at linebackers and tight ends.
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    Bama Game Thread: Official Pregame Thread - Bama vs. UK, SECN 3:00 PM CST...

    One of the insiders from another message board said practice was great this week but 10 players will be out due to Covid or injury... none are starters thank goodness. So at least we know starters are good to go. He said they were good players, so I assume they got lots of play time so far...
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    Bama Game Thread: Official Pregame Thread - Bama vs. UK, SECN 3:00 PM CST...

    Roll Tide! Win by at least 21 with no injuries! I will be in town this weekend in Tuscaloosa visiting family, not going to the game. We will all be watching on TV though. RTR
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    BREAKING UGA/MIZZOU now postponed (11/14/20)

    My thoughts too. At least we have home games Saturday and vs Auburn, which is a little less risky than having to travel. My concern is if/when we have to travel to LSU, Arkansas, and then Atlanta 3 weeks in a row. That could be a major Covid concern, even though I know Saban is the best at...
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    Predict the score: KY v Alabama

    48-17 BAMA This includes Bama's backups playing most of 4th quarter. Looks like the weather will be nice, thank goodness. I pray for no injuries and no Covid for either team. RTR
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    Link: Mac Jones the next Joe Burrow?

    Below is another link to a great article about Mac. I hope he wins the Heisman! RTR Mac-Jones-Alabama-football-start-Heisman-trophy-Kentucky-commitment--154972501
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    BREAKING UGA/MIZZOU now postponed (11/14/20)

    I saw on the UGA message boards that JT Daniels has been named the starter Saturday for the game against Miss State. It will be interesting to watch him. Not sure if it is because Stetson Bennett still has shoulder issues, or JT really passed him on the depth chart since he is supposedly...
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    Mac Jones is an outstanding young man

    Mac is special, and the fact he did this for her is one of many reasons. I read the complete story on Facebook, written by Rick Karle. Victoria survived the car accident (a car hit them head on) but her friend with her did not survive. Victoria had a concussion, brain bleed, broken pelvis in 5...
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    2021 Prospect: 2021 Recruiting Targets

    I hope we get to see him the entire 4th quarter Saturday while Najee and BRob take a break.
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    Update on Waddle and his recovery

    I am not going to get my hopes up that Waddle will play. But, if he does play, it would be awesome to use him as a decoy (like you said) most of the game in the semifinals or championship game, and then in the 4th quarter when the game is on the line, Mac throws a TD pass to Waddle for his first...
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    How Kentucky Beats Alabama

    Kentucky is not beating Alabama. lol. I just hope the game can be played, which right now, it looks like it will. Bama needs another win, Mac/Najee, etc need to continue putting up great numbers for stats, and we need no more injuries. Get Bryce and Paul to play in the 4th quarter after Mac...
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    Link: Bad, bad headline and article for LSU (USA Today)

    Yep, it will be interesting how they deal with this. Bo Pelini as interim? I bet Coach O survives but this plus other stuff is a bad look for LSU and Coach O.
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    Muschamp Has Been Shown the Door

    My first thought too, especially since Muschamps son is a walk on at UGA.
  15. Saban4Ever

    Muschamp Has Been Shown the Door

    I read they have been in contact with Freeze, but I bet he waits for something better. He just got a pay raise and extension. - Winter is Coming! : 30% Off Sitewide!
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