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    Poll: Who wins: 1970 Tennessee vs. 1977 Texas?

    1970 Tennessee Volunteers went 11-1 and finished the season ranked #4. They averaged 30.8 points per game while giving up 9.7 points per game. The Vols beat #13 Georgia Tech 17-6 and defeated #11 Air Force 34-13 in the Sugar Bowl. Tennessee's only loss came at Auburn 36-23. 1977 Texas went 11-1...
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    Need recommendations on Bama football related books

    Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer The Storm and the Tide The Last Coach Missing Ring
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    Has anyone been to Ben Hill Griffin Stadium (aka the Swamp/Florida) for a game?

    I was there once so long ago Tim Tebow was quarterback for the Gators against Tennessee. So many beautiful women. Hot, hot, hot and that goes for the women and the weather. Sat in the end zone in full sun. I parked in a nearby church parking lot and it was a very short walk to the stadium and...
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    Let's Say It Together: Coach Nick Saban is the Greatest of All Time!

    I say yes for the following reasons: - He gets 5-star players to buy into his system and wait their opportunity for success. - He's won with dominant defenses and strong running games and now adapted and wins with wide-open offenses and passing attack. - He's won a national championship at two...
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    In your opinion, typically, what are the five best SEC games every year?

    In your opinion, what are typically the five best SEC games year-to-year? Iron Bowl Alabama-LSU LSU-Florida Georgia-Florida (this seems to me to be one-sided for long periods of time) Can you put Tennessee-Florida or Tennessee-Alabama at #5 since Tennessee has been down for what seems like...
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    How good is LSU?

    First game managers that came to mind but I get your point.
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    ESPN's top 150 greatest teams in college football history

    Did you get a chance to check out ESPN's 150 greatest teams in college football history? Your thoughts? The one that jumps out at me, and I can't help it, is '66 Alabama...
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    How good is LSU?

    Throwing for 471 yards is one heck of a game manager. Did Trent Dilfer or Jeff Hostetler ever do that?
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    Happy Birthday Coach Bryant

    Miss the old guy.
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    News Article: Phillip Fulmer could be Tennessee football coach in waiting

    I've wondered at times if that's the plan.
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    Top 5 Alabama Wins and losses Post Bryant- Pre-Saban that still get to you

    '73 Sugar Bowl - sometimes I just can't watch that big tight end make that catch.
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    SIAP: I saw this and thought it was good (Humorous sign)

    Got it. Sorry about that. Thanks for adding the humorous sign to the title.
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    SIAP: I saw this and thought it was good (Humorous sign)

    SIAP: I saw this and thought it was good.
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    My goodness Clemson’s schedule is a JOKE.

    Thank heavens for the college football playoff. With the ACC as weak as it is, it would appear Clemson plays one strong team in Texas A&M and that's it. In the past without a conference championship game and playoff system, Clemson would go to the Orange Bowl and play the Big 8 or Big 12...
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    The GOAT meets Duck. Saban teams up with Aflac. Legendary coach Nick Saban teams with the Aflac duck for new ad campaign. Six-time national champion college football coach Nick Saban knows all too well that recruiting...

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