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    JUCO LB Justin Jefferson commits to Bama

    I swear Saban is like Michael Jordan in that as soon as someone beats him or whatever he takes it personally and makes it his mission to destroy whoever standing in his way this is multiple wins over texas A&M in Recruiting.

    No Profanity — How many times do we go over this?

    I don’t get why so many people are having issues. I cuss like a sailor in my day to day life. I like cussing. but I know The rules here state not to cuss in a post. So I just don’t. It’s like being a guest in someone else’s house.

    Late Father's Day Gift from my son

    They make Daniel Moore paintings for beating Tennessee???… font…just kidding. I remember in 2002 beating Tennessee was a bigger deal to me than beating auburn. Man how things were different 20 years ago. Unpopular opinion but I liked franchione’s offense. Not in a “I think it would work...

    Arch Manning, Texas, and NILs

    “I mean I know I have spent my life being a smart businessman and this recruit Comes from a 2A high school and his brain hasn’t fully matured yet and I have no skills in evaluating talent. But my overly emotional perpetually 8-4 coach wants him. Here is a check for 2.8 million dollars” (blue...

    Arch Manning, Texas, and NILs

    I guess I am a little sensitive cause I got family members with bottle problems. Maybe we can just stick to mocking texas without bringing up sarks personal demons.

    2024 WR Perry Thompson commits to Bama

    But Reddit told me that only states with money (texas) can recruit well now. (Blue font).

    Arch Manning, Texas, and NILs

    I think it’s gonna backfire for some programs. Reminds me of wealthy parents at high schools that threw a lot of money into a program forcing a coach to play their kid. The weight rooms would improve as would the facilities but the teams would still suck cause too many wealthy donors had a say...

    Sporting Event (One Bama FB, One Non) You Wish You Attended In Person

    And basketball from 1989-1998 1989, 1990 pistons 1991-1993 bulls, 1994, 1995 rockets 1996-1998 bulls.

    Sporting Event (One Bama FB, One Non) You Wish You Attended In Person

    I don’t want to come across like “if colt hadn’t got hurt” about what happened. Hey Injuries happen that’s football. But Georgia fans are cracking me up. Before last season most people said “if their was a year for Georgia to get Alabama, 2021 was the year” hey and good for them. They got the...

    Tennessee has an obsession with throwing mustard on the field

    The saddest thing I remember was their fans celebrating after the 2021 game. The final score was like 52-24 cause they played us close for 3 qtrs. Really 3 of their scores came on just complete broken coverages. I mean credit to them for taken advantage of it. But the really sad thing was their...

    Sporting Event (One Bama FB, One Non) You Wish You Attended In Person

    You mean like how they have re-written reality that and now dominated the national championship game despite losing until the 4th qtr?? They are so in for a world of hurt in 2022.

    Will NIL lead to players staying longer in CFB

    I’ll be glad when this season gets here. Cause I think bama has a good chance to win it all again this year. I understand it s a long offseason but it seems like the Nil jimbo vs saban stuff has overshadowed the actual 2022 season. I hope no one takes offence to what I am saying I get it’s a...

    Alabama: Latest Bama News 5/30/2022 Thru 6/5/2022

    Brando crying and whining again. 🙄🙄🙄

    Alabama: Latest Bama News 5/23/2022 Thru 5/29/2022

    I don’t understand how valid concerns or constructive criticism now is “tastesless comments”. like have they ever been around regular people…like ever???

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