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    Auburn QB Finley Charged With Eluding Police

    Misunderstanding? Putting dope in your suitcase and going to Russia is a misunderstanding . . .
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    No Profanity — How many times do we go over this?

    i’m trying to figure out which fan site you were on - Tennessee, Auburn, Georgia, or Texas A&M
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    Eli Ricks Arrested-Charge Dismissed by Court

    Accountability is over rated today.
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    Coach Saban in a fender bender in Birmingham?

    He probably went to the bathroom today as well. So what?
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    Link: Saban explains NCG loss

    From the same speech, at the Alabama Football Coaches Association this week, Saban cited Las Vegas Raiders WR Henry Ruggs III, a former Alabama star, and his drunk driving incident that left a woman dead. He explained that if Ruggs had stronger leaders around him, perhaps tragedy could have been...
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    Harsin and Auburn Drama (Auburn coaching situation talk)

    since it is off season . . . could you add some history on Sand Mountain near Boaz . . . my dad played football at Susan Moore in the late 40's . . . any information about the area is appreciated!
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    Coaching Carousel 2021

    is this dust up why the offensive coordinator left without making a call? is two months on the job a new standard at Auburn?
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    Coaching Carousel 2021

    she's a well fed young lady!
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    Coaching Carousel 2021

    auburn “fax” girl?
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    Pete Golding arrested for DUI (link)

    could have been an interaction of alcohol with medication, could have been a million things. let's just chill until the trial (doubt there will be one) or adjudication.
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    BREAKING National Signing Day Feb. 2, 2022

    is michigan signing a coach?
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    NCAA Portal Talk

    How long is the portal open? seems it needs to close at some point so the shelves can be re-stocked.
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    NCAA Portal Talk

    for those leaving early to the NFL . . . wasn't the unwritten rule of thumb you have to be a first or second rounder to go out as a junior? I just don't see it happening for some of these guys. as far as those leaving via the portal, while some are motivated by playing time, some seem motivated...
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    Let's Talk About the Elephant in the Room: OC Play Calling and Receiver Development

    amazing that the coaching staff felt he was the best option…I’m still trying to process that

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