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    Politics: General Removal of Statues Thread

    The most interesting places I've visited boast a rich visual history. The Colosseum and Roman Forum ... the Acropolis in Athens... Hagia Sofia in Istanbul ... Old Bagan, Myanmar... Angkor Wat in Cambodia. The most fascinating area of Moldova for me was Transnistria, precisely because statues...
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    Jermaine Johnson inciting violence in Bham

    I hope you are correct. Certainly a strong case can and will be made that we should move forward from the idolization of white male slaveowners like Jefferson and Washington (and by extension, their philosophies). Once people start tearing down, they are slow to stop. I've done a lot of world...
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    Jermaine Johnson inciting violence in Bham

    It hasn't been as widely reported, but the same group also set fire to the statue of Thomas Jefferson. One would expect that statues & monuments of Jefferson and George Washington are next...
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    Tua's Custom Suit -- with Crimson Tide Lining

    "The Alabama QB opened the jacket on camera, but it was hard to make out the detail: a collage of photos of both sets of grandparents wearing Crimson Tide gear. " Tua Tagovailoa Pays Tribute to Grandparents With Custom NFL Draft Suit
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    Worst official's call in Alabama history (or at least as far back as you remember) ?

    My mind went straight to the Gothard catch also. That call spoiled what would've been one of (perhaps THE) most incredible comebacks in Alabama & college football history. Down 34-7 in the 3rd quarter....we would've won 35-34. If memory serves, we did have one more play...Kerry Goode was...
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    Penn State AD lays out timeline needed for 2020 football season

    Right now, the thought of 100,000 people in a stadium sandwiched together elbow-to-elbow seems highly unlikely. Plus, there's a decent chance that Covid is seasonal and the next wave of infection will spread as the weather cools. I'm sure that eventually everything will get back to normal, but...
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    COW - America, You Actually Believe Alabama Is Out Of The College Football Playoff?

    I'm not a gambling man, but I do like to see what Las Vegas says from time to time. Alabama's current odds to WIN the National Championship (not just make the playoffs) are 6/1! That's fourth in line behind Ohio State (2/1), LSU (2/1) and Clemson (7/2). The fifth team out is Georgia at 14/1...
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    Trump will be attending Saturday.

    I can only imagine Saban's reaction when he was told that the President will be attending Saturday's game. :eek: (Nothing to do with politics, everything to do with "external factors"...).
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    The Days of Their Vols (The 2019 Vol meltdown thread)

    From VolNation: "USA Today poll has us ranked at 104 out of 130. Let that sink in for a moment." :biggrin:
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    What do you think will happen with Pruitt?

    I look forward to seeing him smoking victory cigars with Butch in our locker room.
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    Wonderful Story About Harper Lee And Alabama Football - From Wall Street Journal

    One of the great mysteries is what happened to her estate. Died without heirs. Will changed shortly before her death. Contents sealed by the court.Tens of millions (including future royalties) at stake. Curiouser and curiouser...
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    Question: Do you think we will name the field at Bryant-Denny after Saban at some point?

    If he wins a couple more National Championships, the name "Tuscaloosa" may be in flux. Sabantown has a nice ring to it... :wink:
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    2nd chance: Predict the "Mighty" Vols record

    If Chattanooga beats the Vols I will celebrate with Dom Perignon. And a fine cigar, of course.
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    Question: Will the Tennessee / Alabama game become relevant again?

    I think I have gotten more enjoyment from Tennessee's faceplant than Alabama's win? Is that wrong? :biggrin:

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