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    Question: Discussion About How CNS Teaches Defensive Backs to Defend the Pass

    George Teague has a live show on his YouTube channel called "Teague's Take" on Wednesday's at 8PM central. He has talked about BAMA's D and his observations several times recently. Last week he had Tony Dixon on the show and they broke down some of the plays UT scored on and what went wrong...
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    It's shockingly expensive to attend a game at BDS

    I sat in the North Zone for the Arkansas game last season and the Miss St game this past weekend. The food this season has gone downhill in quality. On the plus side, no real wait to get food, and clean restrooms. I agree with the OP that the cost to attend a game prices out many fans...
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    Fall Camp Catchall (practices, scrimmages, injuries)

    BOL shut down thread on their site as rumor. Saban addressed the media and did not say anything about it. He did updated other injuries. Maybe just a cramp or minor issue.
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    Future of the Program

    Agree 100%. We basically fire/force out our gymnastics coach for finishing top 8 in the nation 7 of her 8 seasons but allow Coach Bo to continue to be bottom 4 in the conference and miss the post season. Makes no sense other than he is GB’s hire and his ego won’t allow him to admit he was wrong.
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    Dana Duckworth (Gymnastics HC) Steps Down

    Also curious as to Sarah’s involvement. Did she push Greg to make the change and if so, why? Could it be that she felt Dana was not running the program she thought was best? In other words, not her minion and she felt Ashley would do as she wants? Lots of rumors Ashley was the front runner for...
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    Dana Duckworth (Gymnastics HC) Steps Down

    In the short term, whoever comes in to replace Dana should be able to do well with the returning talent. Barring any transfers out, they bring back at least 3 girls on each event who consistently scored 9.90+ and at least 2 others that scored 9.825+ That is an average of 197.40 before any...
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    Dana Duckworth (Gymnastics HC) Steps Down

    Not sure who Byrne thinks he is going to get. This team for the first time scored 3 198’s or higher in the same season. Also, the RQS this year was higher than the Patterson’s last year. Yes they failed to perform at Nationals but, how much were the effected getting on a plane after the last...
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    Alabama: 2021-2022 Season - The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

    Hoping the roster change includes an assistant coach or two. Absolutely no doubt the current staff can recruit top talent. Their ability to develop players and make adjustments in game is lacking. I also hope JD comes back because he has talent. Honestly do not see the lottery pick talent...
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    Is it too early for this? Who comes back and who turns pro?

    Fair point. I wish he would have stayed at least through the spring if not one more season to see if he could overtake Turner, and then leave. Or, be the one to replace Anderson in 2023. Either way, I wish him nothing but success going forward.
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    Is it too early for this? Who comes back and who turns pro?

    I like Sanders and thought he played well before he got hurt VS Ole Miss. However, I don’t want a kid Who thinks they “deserve” to play and won’t bust their butt and earn a job.
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    What are your 5 Bold Predictions for 2021

    1. 2 SEC Teams make the playoffs 2. BAMA misses the playoff TX and UGA go 3. Sark loses game 1 and does not lose again until they play BAMA in the Sugar Bowl. 4. Clemson loses 3 games and Dabo resigns as he gets frustrated with his players and NIL. Bonus: Cincy beats Iowa St for the CFP title.
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    Alabama fall practice begins!

    Let me know what works. We bought a new top of the line 65” Sony OLED 4K TV a couple of years ago and the sides are about 6” from the speakers in the wall on either side. To get anything bigger, we’d have to move the speaker boxes in the wall and possibly run new cables. Aggie wife told me I am...
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    BREAKING Alabama tight ends and special teams coach Jay Graham is expected to no longer be with the program (Drew Svoboda is the new tight ends coach )

    Have heard from inside AD he was not happy at all. We all know Saban is demanding and expects 13+ hour days.
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    Coaching Staff Changes

    Great hire! He is close to BOB and more importantly when he was at the Jets they were top 5 in rushing. Anyone who can do that has got to be given credit b/c the JETS are the Barn of the NFL!
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    Predicting Alabama's next OC

    Please NO! We do not want anything affiliated with the NYJets! That is a bigger clown show than Auburn! The Jets are what you get when Auburn and Tennessee get together and have a “special child”.

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