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We have developed Mission, Purpose, and Directive Statements to guide us in the management of this site and BBS. We also have BBS Policies and Guidelines to guide users in their posts on the message Boards. Any questions or comments should be addressed to the contact at the bottom of this information. These rules / policies may change at any time at the discretion of the administrators.


To provide BamaNation citizens (all TideFans worldwide) the best, most accurate, most current, most fun, and fan-friendliest content of any Alabama website. We promise to never charge a dime for our content, the right to post, the right to read, or the right to access any content associated with the site.


To be recognized as the outstanding Alabama site produced "By the Fans, For the Fans."

To achieve our purpose and empower us to continually accomplish our mission each and every day:

* We will look for any and every opportunity to promote the positive aspects of The University of Alabama, its students and student-athletes, its alumni, and its fans.

* We believe that every Alabama fan deserves the chance to read and post information concerning the Crimson Tide in a fan-friendly environment.....without incurring any additional or incremental cost.

* We will provide the best available content by assembling outstanding and knowledgeable staff, writers, and editors.

* We will provide the most accurate content by ensuring that no unsubstantiated rumor is posted by any staff member. ALL unsubstantiated rumors posted by registered users will be rebuffed with facts or removed from the site.

* We will provide the most current content by maintaining contact with various sources inside and outside The University who provide reliable and current information. No information will be bought, bribed, blackmailed, or otherwise obtained in any manner except at the sole discretion of the provider of such information.

* We will provide the most fun content by creating an atmosphere of inclusion in the TideFan community through timely articles and interviews written by the fans and for the fans.

* We will provide the fan-friendliest content by ensuring overall user experience on TideFans remains fan driven and fan-focused.


The site will be an exciting and fun site to visit and will provide more and better information than any other independent Alabama fan site. To keep us on the right path toward our mission, purpose, and goals we have identified several directives:

1. We will create a sense of community and provide opportunities for TideFans everywhere to participate in various site-sponsored trips, events, polls, posts, newsletters, and guest articles.

2. We will look for opportunities to expand our coverage of items of interest to TideFans.

3. We will work with various local Alabama Alumni organizations to provide them a home on the web (as available)

4. We do not tolerate any of the following in any post or article and reserve the right to, without notice, immediately and/or permanently block the member from posting should one or more of these occur:

* Gross vulgarity or obscenity

* Improper and/or harsh criticism of current or former players or HS recruits.

* Improper criticism of coaches.

* For lack of a better description: Ignorant sparring between posters.

* Plagarism or unauthorized posting of copyrighted material.

* Gratuitous links to non-sports or non-Bama related sites

* Gratuitous links to other Bama/SEC-specific boards. (In other words, if you have a Bama or SEC board, don't use to advertise your site unless you want to pay us for the advertising space and reach!!)

* Gratuitous links to, or promotion of, any site containing pornography, obscenity or profanity.

* Any explicit reference to pornography or sexually suggestive content..

* Posts containing racist or bigoted remarks or references

* Any reference (explicit or implicit) that states Bear Bryant was anything other than the greatest coach ever!!

* The above list is not all-inclusive, but certainly gives the direction of the board. Moderators can and will do everything to enforce the "Spirit of"

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