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    Re: Saban Press conference and that guy

    The reporters ask lazy questions. One question from the last press conference was basically "talk about Jerry Jeudy." I mean, he won the Biletnikoff last year what is there to say?
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    Re: Plain Trouble on "Da Plains" (all AU posts here)

    Stidham had wheels but is no where near the athlete needed for the Gus offense. Same thing with Nix. Sure, he can scramble here and there but you don't have to account for him on every play like a...
  3. Re: Alabama Trying to Schedule 10 P5 Teams in 2025

    I think scheduling a few more power 5 teams would be good. They don't have to be massive game but I think even games against mid level teams like UCLA, Purdue, Virginia etc. would be a whole lot...
  4. Re: DJ Dale and Trey Sanders (Sanders Reportedly Out for Season)

    Only silver lining is the newish redshirt rule. If Sanders can come back towards the end of the season he can play in up to 4 games and not burn a year of eligibility..
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    Re: Brag On Your Kid(s)

    It sure is. First week went really well though. Surprised that they serve free breakfast and lunch in HSV city schools now. Our kid was double eating breakfast (at home and school) until we figured...
  6. Re: Mack Wilson has a Good Evening for the Browns

    He's best on passing downs which fits into current way the NFL is played. Cyrus Jones also had a pick 6 for the Ravens..
  7. Re: Draftek - August 1st - 8 First Round Picks from Bama - Mock Draft

    Jennings and Davis need to show a consistent ability to rush the passer in order to make it into the first round. Lewis needs to do the same and remain healthy..
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    Re: Dabo disses SEC depth

    Chris Low needs to address who is saying this which is the premise of the entire "story"

    "Coach Dabo Swinney isn't buying that Alabama was worn out from the grind of a more rigorous schedule and...
  9. Question: Re: Will the Tennessee / Alabama game become relevant again?

    We only had a 6 game lead in the series when Saban took over. We led 44-38 at that point. Now, after reeling off 12 in a row, we lead 56-38..
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    News Article: Re: Alabama announces 2020 football schedule

    Fromm also has a better chance to have a worse season. Tua has all his WRs back and UGA lost their major contributors there..
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    News Article: Re: Alabama announces 2020 football schedule

    I admit that I don't keep up with the NFL draft rankings as closely as I used to but from the few I've seen it's been 1. Tua 2. Herbert 3. Fromm. Would be surprised if multiple outlets have Fromm...
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    News Article: Re: Alabama announces 2020 football schedule

    So we play A&M and AU plays LSU the week before the Iron Bowl. That's.....different. Third game against UGA is a heck of way to start the season..
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    Re: Brag On Your Kid(s)

    Our first day went well here in the Huntsville area. Seems like a good teacher and class. Good luck to you and yours..
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    Re: Brag On Your Kid(s)

    Well, mine started kindergarten today. Not sure if that is something to brag about or not..
  15. Re: CBS Blackout on Directv...Hope this is resolved soon

    You cannot enter a channel number but otherwise the interface for YTTV is basically the same as the DTV guide. Should have no problems watching all of the Alabama games which will be on CBS or ESPN....
  16. Re: CBS Blackout on Directv...Hope this is resolved soon

    Right now it's $49.99 per month plus tax. No hidden fees, no hardware costs and no contracts. Sometimes they run a week or two week free trial. Should at least try it out for free if you're...
  17. Re: CBS Blackout on Directv...Hope this is resolved soon

    I was with Direct TV close to 10 years. Always paid on time, ordered extra stuff like UFC pay per views etc. Every year they would give me a discount but didn't this year when my promotion ended....
  18. Re: Video of Coach Oats on court coaching Bama practice

    If Lewis and Petty had left I'd say we shouldn't expect to make the tournament. Based on them coming back we should be able to make the tournament..
  19. Re: USAT: Clemson, not Alabama, now face of college football

    In reference to the Clemson players assertion that Notre Dame was the tougher team consider this. Clemson more than doubled up Notre Dame on yards - something like 500+ for Clemson and around 250 for...
  20. Link: Re: ESPN Article: Tua "Learned many lessons from loss to Clemson".

    The biggest thing that will help Tua is the fact he's lost 15 lbs and hopefully fully healthy. I think everyone, including Bama fans, forgot how nimble and elusive he was in the pocket during his...
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    Question: Re: Time for a new TV...

    I live down South Parkway towards Redstone Arsenal gate 3. Google Fiber is available here and I've been using it for several months now. Flat rate of $50 for 100 mbps or $70 for 1000 mbps. Haven't...
  22. Re: Special Announcement About the Future of UA Athletics Today at 11:45 (Crimson Sta

    HDTV has been around for 20 years. TV prices have been cheap for years. It's not a new technology..
  23. Re: Photo Evidence of Scott Cochran's Impact on Evan Neal

    What's his projected position this season and long term? Right tackle?
  24. Re: Clemson Makes Dabo Highest Paid Coach in the Nation (10 years, $93 million)

    I've said we had more talent every time we played them and this shows it. We split the first 2 because they had a great talent advantage at the most important position: QB. Watson was so far ahead of...
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    Game Thread:  Re: 2019 NFL Draft - Rounds 4 - 7 - 11am CDT

    Read today that D Thompson was flagged as having a degenerative knee issue during medicals. Many teams did not have him on their board at all due to this condition. Also explains why he hasn't been...
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