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  1. Re: 3* SG Herb Jones (Moundville, AL) Announcing on October 6

    I heard Mo Williams on the Finebaum show this week. He said he is still close to the program and talks to a lot of people in T-town and he said from what he has been told Herb is going to be a star.
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    Game Thread: Re: OFFICIAL PREGAME THREAD: Bama vs. Vandy...

  3. Re: 2017 Week 4 Gameweek Thread (Practice Reports, Pressers, etc.)

    Agreed. For the first time since 2007 we may have to outscore teams to win games. Fortunately we have the offense to do it IMO.
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    Re: Nebraska Fires AD Shawn Eichost

    Nebraska is a mess and Riley should be very concerned about his long term employment. One of my friend's son is Tanner Lee their starting QB and he had a bad game last week. Hopefully they can get...
  5. Re: 2017 Week 4 Gameweek Thread (Practice Reports, Pressers, etc.)

    This is what has happened. We lost our top 4 pass rushers against FSU with 2 out for the entire year. When you are getting an edge rush which all 4 of these guys bring/brought it opens up the...
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    Re: Hurry up offense and lack of DL depth

    I miss it too but times have changed and Coach Saban realized it. We could still do this against just about anybody and get easy W's but against the top echelon teams we would/could come up short...
  7. Re: 2017 Week 4 Gameweek Thread (Practice Reports, Pressers, etc.)

    Markail Benton must be making good progress if he was practicing with the 1's in the dime rabbit package.
  8. News Article: Re: College football expert Phil Savage comments on Jalen Hurts's improvement

    He does not have to improve a great deal to beat a team like Clemson. Jalen has made strides and he will continue to do so. IIRC correctly, we are ranked #1 and I would put our team out on the...
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    2018 Prospect: Re: Vernon Jackson

    Great. Welcome and RTR Vernon.
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    Re: Baskteball Team Unveils New Uniforms

    These are great. Love the RTR on the waistband.
  11. Link: Re: Alabama Recruiting Roundup: Jared Butler, Robert Woodard, and more

    It looks like the talent influx will continue. The Fleming kid's video is real nice. Appears to already have some good offensive weapons.
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    Re: Who are you taking Clemson vs Louisville?

    Interesting. I would never use the word overrated when talking about Jackson. Dude is a freak and some are now projecting him as a 1st round draft pick.
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    Re: Alabama Players in the NFL

    I am not sure any of us thinks he will be a franchise QB (there are only a handful of them now). I think he can be a good QB that shows great leadership and he can take a team to the play-offs and...
  14. Re: 2017 Week 3 Gameweek Thread (Practice Reports, Pressers, etc.)

    I am fairly certain he would qualify for an extra year due to the early injury. I think the rule is if you play less than 3.5 games you qualify for the injury hardship. With that being said, if...
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    2018 Prospect: Re: Vernon Jackson

    Thanks. Fully expect him to pick Bama.
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