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  1. Re: 2017 OLB Markail Benton (Central Phenix City, AL) Updates

    If he was repeating his answer from the question and didn't come up with that on his own, and was consistently giving short answers, I'm thinking he's a perfect fit at Bama. He's either very reserved...
  2. Re: Jalen, Tua, and who else? Are we looking to bring in at least one more QB?

    Not without vast improvement in the next two (or more likely three) years. Pro scouts have been downplaying DW's draft status because of a) number of interceptions and b) practically no improvement...
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    Re: Big 12 Officials for Monday

    ...but they don't seem to want to call pick plays? A rule is a rule - every official in every conference should enforce them to a (only slightly flexible) standard. Ones who don't in the playoffs...
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    Re: Is this true?

    Don't forget Dalvin Cook.
  5. Re: Kiffin gone for Championship Game - new OC Sark will calls plays

    To me, it's been done for the better and Sark (in LK's own words) probably relates to the coaches and players (and people in general maybe?) better than he does.
    Since their co-coordinator days, I...
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    Re: What Are Clemson's Weaknesses?

    19th @ 123 ypg
  7. ADMIN NOTE: Software problems in interfacing with Tidefans...

    Thanks - this thread has 40+ pages - I haven't been on a lot lately, and these pages load so slowly on my laptop it would take me half a day to look through them all.
    Also, characters show up 20...
  8. Re: Kiffin's future...

    Why is he leaving? Is that a done deal? Is it his decision or someone else's? Is is possible he gets another contract to stay?
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    Re: Plain Trouble on "Da Plains"

    Maybe it's just me but I don't see CNS as a sportscaster - just doesn't fit.
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    News Article: Re: Why Lane Kiffin isn't a slam dunk to get a head coaching job

    LSU has 7 QB's on its roster, according to ESPN; 4 are freshmen.
    And huge WR's (don't know talent level).
    I think whoville would be more of a change of atmosphere, or just a new challenge; going to...
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    Re: The playoff committee is about to get tested

    Wait, a QB playing for a team that plays most of its games in October and November in the cold.
    , who doesn't play well in the cold, is not a weakness?
    That's Barn logic.
    And I don't see OSU...
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    Re: The playoff committee is about to get tested

    Last I checked the other team had to play in the same weather.

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    Re: The playoff committee is about to get tested

    Sorry - if PSU wins the conference (they probably won't), they beat OSU.
    No one can say they're the better team than the team that beat them, if that team is conference champ.
    And PSU mauled MSU,...
  14. Thread: Vandy vs. UT

    by twofbyc

    Game Thread: Re: Vandy vs. UT

    Over healthy Tennessee? Not sure I agree with that - sloppy tops injuries (especially on D) have been massive, and it's been key players too.
    Might be more of a wash.

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    Re: The playoff committee is about to get tested

    This. PSU beat OSU. If they win the conference they should be in, and if UW and CU win they should be in.
    If OSU gets in under this scenario, IMO the playoff system is no longer valid.
    Now if...
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