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  1. Re: Bengals QB AJ McCarron ready for offseason trade

    Latest rumor has him going to the Jets.
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    Re: Pick the score: Alabama vs. Clemson NCG

    I did some analysis base on both teams statistics offense and defense relative to who they played against and it was a dead heat. Clemson is a good team who is also peaking like us. I will say 27-24...
  3. Re: If Kiffin leaves, who would you like as Off Coord?

    A pipe dream and out of the box idea is Kurt Warner. He was the one calling the plays for his team in the NFL when they were winning. Plus he may end up being a guy who can get the most out of our...
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    Re: Question re OL

    I worry if there is something about the cadence or a "tell" one of our linemen is showing that is allowing the other team to jump the snap.
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    Re: Bama vs. Ole Miss PostGame thread...

    Coker is like a 12 year old trying to drive a stick shift Ferrari. He has all this horsepower around him that he just can't handle all the time.
    Batemen is like a 14 year old trying to drive a...
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    Re: The Chris Fowler "Growl"

    Can't help myself

    "Fowler the Growler"
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    Question: Re: The future of Defensive Philosophy and the HUNH

    No other sport I can think of has a loophole in the rules that allows the offense to go before the defense is ready. Can you imagine if there was an equivalent HUNH in tennis? The server would be...
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    Re: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly LSU Style...

    The Ugly: Verne Lundquist looked like Grandpa Cabbagepatch
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    Re: SI: Even the messes are bigger in Texas
  10. Link: Re: Univ of Tennessee campus ranked one of ugliest in country -- again

    The guy on the far right hand side of the picture is at least 50% responsible for the ugly campus rating.
  11. Re: Jesse Williams gets to speak with Australian Prime Minister

    I kept wishing they had given him the ball and he scored a touchdown in the goal line formation. That would have been historical!
  12. Re: Phillip Sims will get his first start at QB today for Virginia

    Is he really 28 years old? LINK
  13. Re: Academic Fraud w/ AU recruit?

    Would it be the M-Z Guidance Counselor be the one on this site since his name ends in "R"?
  14. Re: Top 25 College Football Signs According to ESPN

    Texas Locker Room
  15. Thread: Honey Badger

    by WildTusk

    Re: Honey Badger

    I thought the HB was the only LSU warrior with no quit in him during that game. I know he got burned a few times, but he was near the football on most every play and made some great open field solo...
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