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  1. Re: A House Divided in Mississippi- "Dad, Why does Alabama always win?"

    It sounds like you have a good relationship with your in-laws, so it's probably okay to do. Having a sense of humor is one of the most important things in life. I have been married to an Auburn...
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    Re: Tennessee vs Oklahoma, who do you like?

    Y'all obviously don't live in Tennessee. I could never root for them. I fully expect Oklahoma to put the beat down on them. I love that they have a little bit of confidence. All the sweeter when...
  3. Re: anyone know a gathering spot to watch Bama in Little Rock?

    Just went to Little Rock for the first time this past weekend. I live in Nashville, and my Mom and sister live in Dallas, so it's the halfway point for us. We wanted to watch Alabama beat on Texas...
  4. Re: This Day In Alabama History (September 16) - Many Things

    A bit off topic, but you should read, "And She Was" by Alison Gaylin. It's a novel about a PI that has the same memory disorder. Very interesting.
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    Re: Caption time!!

    Hey, Coach. I'm going to let you say what you want to in just a minute, all right? But I just wanted to say that I had one of the best Heisman runs of all time!
  6. Re: Confession time! Who else pitched a fit during the game?

    Watched the game with my mom and my sister. There was Gangnam-style dancing and cussing, but nothing thrown :)
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    Re: What are you reading right now (II)?

    Crazy for God, Frank Schaeffer
    Gates of Fire: The Battle of Thermopylae, Steven Pressfield
    Open Season, C.J. Box
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    Places to Watch Bama in Little Rock

    Am going to meet up with some family the weekend of September 14 to watch Alabama beat Texas A&M. Any good sports bars or places to watch the game in Little Rock?
  9. Re: See trailer for my new Bama film, THREE DAYS AT FOSTER

    This looks great. Looking forward to it!
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    Re: national championship items.....

    You can try
  11. News Article: Re: Michigan Marching Band will not travel to Cowboy Classic in Dallas

    Yes, I hold a grudge with Minnesota as well. Somewhere along the way we will play them again.
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    Re: How Many NC Games Have You Attended?

    Just one -- 2009 when we beat Texas!

    Sad Texas girl after loss: "I hope you know orange comes before red!"
    Me: "Not today!"
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    Re: Cowherd predicts Bama beating LSU

    Exactly what I was thinking. There's a whole month for Les to sit around eating grass and his players to smoke it! :)
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    Re: The UT Rivalry

    I've been an Alabama fan since I was a little girl and I am now 40. So I remember the Bear Bryant era and got to go see games when Alabama would beat up on Vandy and Georiga Tech. I always had...
  15. Link: Re: Fan Sues Kentucky Over Lack of Captioning at Football Games

    I don't know if the ADA covers this situation or not, but it will be interesting to see what happens. I have worked for 20 years as a court reporter and the last several as a closed captioner, and...
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