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    Question: Signing Day schedule

    Has anyone seen a schedule for public commitments tomorrow? Can't break away from work for too long, and wanted to schedule a long lunch at the best time. Thanks in advance
  2. Re: Coach Bryant's last game airs on ESPN Classic December 10 5 PM Eastern

    My DVR says its Dec 11 @ 8:00 am CST
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    Re: In response to the Texas-Saban report...

    1. We've heard the "Texas has more money than God" talk for some time now, and it may very well have a wealthier athletic dept than we do, but how big would the contract have to get before Bama was...
  4. Re: Be Honest-After Shula Was Fired/Before Coach S Was Hired, Who Did You Want As Coa

    At the time I was very let down when we didn't get Rich Rod, but a bigger bullet has never been dodged. After that I was hoping for Paul Johnson until the Saban rumors started
  5. Question: Re: What do the kids get from announcing on ESPNU?

    Merely the stroking of one's ego, I assume
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    Re: DL Montravius Adams Updates

    Buck Belue tweeted earlier that if we get Kamara, UGA will have signed only 1 of the top 10 in GA
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    Re: 2013 S Anthony Conner Updates

    The term "trending" is trending
  8. Re: Where We Stand: 48 Hours to National Signing Day

  9. Re: Where We Stand: 48 Hours to National Signing Day

    These are the ones on ESPN (all times EST):

    ESPN Rank
  10. Good article about Ozzie's leadership of the Ravens

    How the Ravens Stay on Top
  11. Link: Football Recruiting: SEC Team Leaderboard, Three Weeks Out

    Football Recruiting: SEC Team Leaderboard, Three Weeks Out

    No real surprises here, other than Arky. Maybe I haven't been paying close enough attention, but its really shocking how far they've...
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    News Article: Re: Scabs on early signing...

    I can hear it now - "come down to auburn during the early signing period, preferably without your parents"
  13. Re: DE / Jack Carl Lawson Updates (Auburn Commit)

    5-star Auburn commit Carl Lawson remains committed but 'exploring his options'
  14. Question: When was the last time Bama was a Vegas underdog?

    I'm having a hard time remembering one lately
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    Re: LSU players leaving in droves

    This list of deparing juniors was posted by Chris Low this morning:

    OT Chris Faulk
    RB Michael Ford, LSU
    DT Bennie Logan, LSU
    CB Tyrann Mathieu, LSU
    DE Barkevious Mingo, LSU
    LB Kevin Minter,...
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