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  1. Re: Here's The "Rammer Jammer" From Death Valley Last Night

    [QUOTE=TideMan09;2916818]"Hey Tigers, Hey Tigers, Hey Tigers, We Just Beat The Hell Out Of You"

    "hey tigers, hey tigers, hey tigers, we just survived a gritty, low-scoring slugfest in a hostile...
  2. Re: Colts Waive Trent Richardson/ Signs with Raiders

    Here's the play recorded off someone's TV:
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    Re: New coach search...

    This link has video of Battle in the car. Appears to be in full poker face mode.
  4. JessN: Re: Ole Miss preview: Bama will find out whether Rebels are for real

    As always, Jess, great analysis.

    After re-watching the game from last season, I can't help but think that even in hostile territory, this offense has better odds of being productive than last...
  5. Re: Hey Jess. Where's the WVA Game Preview?

    I remember them as dropping on Tuesdays, often very late at night. I'm definitely getting antsy over here.
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    Re: SEC Network on DirecTV

    FYI this is DirecTV's official position re: SEC Network at this time:
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    Link: Re: Source: Chad Lindsay To Buckeyes

    word is we simplified our offensive calls when Lindsay came in last season and that Kelly is much better at reading defensive alignments and making calls at the line, which is a vital component of...
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    Re: Proposed 10 second rule change shelved.

    here's a fun byproduct of all the backlash against saban: he's going to be angry.

    every slack-jawed gus malzahn public statement, every contrived jim rome soundbite, every weak terrible joke...
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    Re: *** 2014 4* LB Zach Whitley decommis, commits to UCLA

    Agreed. I've spent 4 years in Tuscaloosa and the 11 years since in LA. There's a lot to do here.
  10. JessN: Re: With Mack Brown retiring, coaching sweepstakes will accelerate

    Texas is not going to get Saban. Or one of the Harbaugh boys. Or Chip Kelly. Or Jeff Fisher or Jimbo Fisher or Derek Fisher.

    In the end, the burnt orange nation will find that they got greedy...
  11. Re: David Pollack indirectly tweets about Cade Foster
  12. JessN: Re: LSU preview: Tigers looking to play the spoiler role in T-Town

    As always, great analysis, Jess. You're definitely right about Hill being a scary back.

    I think the line is as high as it is for a reason. Last year saw McCarron underachieve for most of the...
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    Re: Twitter feed texts?

    Here's a great list I found. Should serve all your recruiting & general Bama news needs.

    Twitter list
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    Re: Ole Miss Recruiting Question

    The only ghosts in Ole Miss are the dead presidents they're slipping to blue chips.
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    Re: Yea Alabama The Christmas Lights Show

    Found this article: Richardsons' Lights A Theatrical Show

    Relevant excerpt:

    Hope you enjoy the show!
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