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    Re: 306 lbs and a 4.71 40 !!!!!

    Wow! That is very impressive for a lineman. 40 times are used at all levels of the game. When we condition during summer I never have players in pads. 1. That is against AHSAA rules. 2. You are...
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    Re: Chances of our winning the SEC tournament!

    If there is not a serious change on focus and effort, this team goes nowhere. The lack of leadership (including coaching) has been most disappointing. I almost regret agreeing to drive 2 hours to...
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    Poll: Re: Which One Meant More To You? 2009 or 2011?

    I was the only Bama fan in my house while growing up. I suffered greatly during the 00's. I kept thinking to myself that we had to win another NC before AU did. I had a feeling the barn was going to...
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    Re: Who Is The Worst Coach To Win A National Title?

    OK...I'm ready for the criticism. Howard Schnellenberger, because of the way that he opened Pandora's Box in Miami.
    Fire away boys!
  5. Re: Brent Musburger: "Fear the Tide Honeybadger!"

    If I remember correctly, It was Musty-Burger that proclaimed "God Bless These Auburn Tigers!!" during one of their victories against UF in the mid 90's.
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    Re: Coach Fran has a Tell-All; Talks about Bama

    I would try to tell you but I cannot type the sound of his irritating, nasal filled, backstabbing voice.
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    Re: Coach Fran has a Tell-All; Talks about Bama

    I cannot decide if I want to give that DumbAggie a dime, because I would like to read the book. I want to take a sign to BDS when TAMU comes to town that says, "How did that Fran thing work out?"
  8. Re: Has anyone seen an mp3 of the radio broadcast of the championship game?

    I have been looking for a copy as well. I hope someone can help us all out!
  9. Re: What did you think about the referees in the BCSNCG?

    I agree the game was officiated well....
    I agree the officials let them play.....
    I agree that we played a great game with alot of class.....
    I disagree that LSU played clean. Punters running down...
  10. Question: Re: What Is Your Current Mood Or Feeling Before The Game??

    Nervous but ready to get it over with. Hoping for the best! Roll Tide!!
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    Re: Why does ESPN keep Lou Holtz?

    Dr. Lou and Mark May are actors for ESPN. They oppose each other to make a show. Lou makes folks mad and it creates RATINGS. Mark May is the counterweight.
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    Re: Brando & others comments

    It is all a matter of perspective. Brando wants LSU to win for obvious reasons. I want Bama to win for obvious reasons. Brando has a platform, while I have Tidefans. I respect why others beleive LSU...
  13. Re: My family from missouri predicts a 6-2 conference record their 1st year in the se

    funny...4-4 at best
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    Link: Re: Oregon Introduces Its Rose Bowl Uniforms

    I know it has already been said but in the words of Yoda, "A uniform makes not a team!"
  15. Re: 1992 SEC Championship Game on Fox Sports South 4 p.m.

    Do not remember it raining, but I do remember being sleeted on later in the game. It came a downpour at the next year's game. That game was miserable. I also remember how horrid our punting game was...
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