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    Re: Pick the score: Alabama vs. Southern Miss

    Defense comes out angry after being maligned all weekend. 52-3

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    Re: Upsets for week 4

    Kansas over west virginia

    Drinking that Les Miles kool-aid huh, wonder if itís still grass flavored?

    Kidding aside, nice picks. Iíll take:

    Pitt at home against UCF.
    Colorado @...
  3. Time for Bama to excise some demons from the past (2010 game)

    I never rewatch losses, but I made an exception for this game earlier in the summer. SEC Network had a rewind special about the game and I was desperate for football.

    I had a lot misperceptions...
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    Re: Upsets for week 3

    I feel pretty good about Houston pulling the upset against #20 Wazzu on Friday night. Game in Houston, Cougs have already been tested once in Norman. Iíll take the Cougs with a big night from...
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    Game Thread:  Re: Notre Dame @ Louisville

    Not necessarily. Brian Kellyís fatal flaw as a head coach is consistently playing to the level of his competition. This is the same ND team that struggled against Ball State and Vanderbilt in back to...
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    Re: First Offensive Play Against Duke?

    Play action deep post to Jeudy. 75 yard td pass

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  7. Re: LSU AD Scott Woodward Takes Silly Shot at Saban When Speaking to BR Rotary Club

    The full quote was that in the 21st century there have been 3 coaching giants in the 3 major college sports. Coach K in basketball, Bertman in baseball, and Saban in football. Then he went on to...
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    Dylan Moses hurt according to Aaron Suttles

    Good question, yes the knee injury wonít help, but it may not hurt as much as many would think. With modern medicine, technology, and rehab, these knee injuries just donít have the same longterm...
  9. Re: Miami vs. Florida, ACC vs. SEC - your prediction?

    The Fighting Bazzaís will win and it wonít be close. 38-21 Gatuhs

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    Re: Predict The Record for 2019

    The only way we could possibly lose 2 games in the regular season is if we show up completely flat at A&M and if Joe Burrows turns into Tom Brady overnight before the LSU game. Those are the only...
  11. Re: Draftek - August 1st - 8 First Round Picks from Bama - Mock Draft

    Thatís not going to be an uncommon projection. Herbert has a big arm, all of the measurables you want for a pro-style offense, and is in a high profile offense. He was supposed to be a breakout star...
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    Re: Dabo disses SEC depth

    He can annoy us all he wants, but his statement is accurate. We werenít challenged in a single game prior to UGA and potentially wonít be again this year. Is the SEC still the best conference day...
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    News Article: Alabama announces 2020 football schedule

    ď[QUOTE=RollTide_HTTR;3429067]I'm not going to lie. I'm a bit worried about 2020Ē

    I think that schedule stacks up to be pretty brutal as well. I'm a very optimistic fan, but if we finish the...
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    Re: TideFans ESPN College Pick 'em

    I'm in. I look forward to being excessively mediocre and then losing interest by week 5. ;)
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    Question: Re: Status of Anoma

    Good memory on Love and Sims, Iíd forgotten they were both that highly rated. We can agree to disagree on Sheffield. I absolutely get your point, but to me he still counts as a miss since he never...
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    Question: Re: Status of Anoma

    I remember the stat you are referring to, and it was nuts. The exact percentages escape me, but it was something like weíve put 55-60% of our 5* recruits into the NFL in the last 10 years. The...
  17. According to the NCAA, Duke is a "Brutal" game...for ND?

    CBS is only allowing for one primetime game this year. The only primetime game is UGA/ND. The other date is a day doubleheader on 11/16, but I donít believe the matchups have been announced.
  18. Re: According to the NCAA, Duke is a "Brutal" game...for ND?

    CBS only allows two college football doubleheader weekends each season, with typically only one of those being a primetime game. In the past Bama vs LSU has been guaranteed to be their prime time...
  19. News Article: Sport Illustrated Top 100 Players for 2019

    Havenít seen this discussed here yet, but I thought this was a good series from last week. Interesting analysis on a lot of the players.

    10 of our guys on the list. Ruggs is the only one top of...
  20. Anyone Know Anything About Evansville, Indiana?

    Iíve been to Evansville a couple of times. Not a ton to do there, but itís in a pretty good spot. Youíre not far off from Louisville and only a couple of hours from Indianapolis and St. Louis. Yes it...
  21. Propaganda Machines; Clemson or Russia?

    Perfectly said, B1G. Clemson is risen to the highest peak of success theyíve ever had. Weíve been there for years and weíve seen how hard it is to keep a team humble, hungry, and focused when you...
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    Re: Who throws for more yards Tua or Jalen?

    Likely Jalen will end up with both more total yards and passing yards by a significant margin. Not just because of their respective offensive philosophies, but mainly because of minutes played.
  23. Re: If you could attend any game in the nation in 2019, what game would it be and why

    I hate Notre Dame, arguably almost as equally as Auburn. However a game there is awesome. The campus is beautiful, the stadium is fantastic, and the people are nice enough. Just know the atmosphere...
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    Question: Starting Offensive Lineup

    The general consensus of the least known player with the highest ceiling is reserve RB, Brian Robinson. He should be in line for 2nd string behind Najee Harris. Athletic guy, threat both in the run...
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    FBI Probe of College Basketball (Breaking - Wade Suspended)

    Reinstated due to his cooperation and a lack of evidence? The guys spent a month ducking the investigation and was caught on FBI wiretap discussing players. Sounds super innocent to me. [emoji849]...
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