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  1. Re: I didn't watch the UH @ Tulane game, but the ending was spectacular!

    I was also wondering about that last night. Maybe they need to become the BLUE Wave.
  2. Re: I didn't watch the UH @ Tulane game, but the ending was spectacular!

    Thanks for posting. I watched the 1st half and missed the 2nd half. When working out today, I saw the score and could not believe it.

    That former Sam Houston State University coach may be really...
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    Re: Betting Odds for Week 4 Games of Note

    When did that Ole Miss get married?
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    Game Thread:  Re: Official Postgame Thread Bama vs. USCe...

    Older people with WISDOM would agree with you. Older people defined: those who appeared on the Earth prior to 1946 as well as Baby Boomers.
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    Question: Re: Who are your Top 6 after week 3

    Leave Clemson #1 so they can be the TARGET of ALL teams they play. You know that everyone wants to BEAT #1. I just want Bama to be #! after the National Championship game!
  6. JessN: Re: USC recap: Explosive offense makes up for a defensive off-day

    I agree. I've seen Tua hit much harder by Clemson, et al and there were NO FLAGS. What was Barmore supposed to do, stop on a dime, while going 20 MPH at his height and weight? That was NOT...
  7. Re: UA Administration Starting to Voice Displeasure with So Many Daytime Games

    Why do they (PTB) hate Alabama? Do they give Bama these times, just like at least 6 teams used to have "BYE" weeks before playing Alabama?
  8. Alabama: Re: Did not like CNS antics in pressconf after game

    Hope he never answers about "Depends". Isn't that something you wear, if you have a problem? Yep! I know he had hip replacement surgery, but that would not require him to wear DEPENDS.

  9. Re: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.... New Mexico State style:

    Alabama is supposed to win the 4th Quarter (no matter who is playing or who we are playing), but yesterday it did NOT!
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    Re: What's the Plan for Taulia this year?

    Well, here's hoping that every time he's in, he hands off and a RB will run for another TD. Currently 100% at handing off with a TD scored. That would be awesome. Tua throws for TDs and Tia hands...
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    Game Thread:  Re: Official Post-Game Thread Bama vs. Duke...

    Question: did a certain Linebacker get in the game. I THINK he wears #1. I looked and looked but did NOT see him.
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    Game Thread:  Re: Official Post-Game Thread Bama vs. Duke...

    Will he SUSPEND himself for the 1st quarter of the next game? Isn't that as bad as being late to a player meeting?
  13. Re: THIS WEEK'S GAMES ON TV: Week 1 (8/29 - 9/2)

    Now, what if Ole Sis and Memphis go 7 OVERTIMES!!!!!!! I better NOT miss one minute of Bama vs Duke!!!!!!!
  14. Re: Rb1 and Rb2 sitting out first half against Duke

    Is this team doing everything they can to give me a heart attack? Sometimes, the #3 and #4 RB's are that because they can't BLOCK for the QB. Here's HOPING they grow up before Saturday at 2:30 p.m....
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    Game Thread:  Re: Gators vs. Canes - 7pm (ET), ESPN - TONIGHT!

    Florida just may IRON OUT all those wrinkles in it's offense and defense.

    When Florida FUMBLED, Miami recovered. That last pass by Florida's #13 was insane. INTERCEPTED! Run out the clock! ...
  16. ADMIN NOTE: Re: Football season is here - so we're tightening down on site policies...

    To keep from using that dirty word, just call them A. P. I.
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    Re: OSU wants to trademark 'The'

    Can I copyright "Al A Bama"?
  18. Re: Miami vs. Florida, ACC vs. SEC - your prediction?

    I agree.
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    Re: OSU wants to trademark 'The'

    If they are going to trademark "The", then we need to trademark "THE" (ALL CAPS and ALL CRIMSON) THE University of Alabama!
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    News Article: Re: SI's Top 10 coaches of all time

    If we had to list the BEST university for HIRING coaches, how about the University that hired Wallace Wade, Frank Thomas, Paul W. Bryant, Gene Stallings, and Nick Saban. Has any other school had 5...
  21. Link: Re: The Mess Jimbo Left: Inside FSU's Fall and Willie Taggart's Plan to Rise Again

    Jameis W. would probably be a much better QB now, IF he had had a Head Coach who DISCIPLINED him for Crab Legs and everything that he got away with. Coach Bryant would have been perfect for him.
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    Game Thread:  Re: Bama/Wildcats elimination game

    I like that "Zero U". Let's hold them to ZEROes in both games today.

  23. Re: Do you remember the down years for Alabama football?

    And lost to the Barn 40 to 0. I've hated, well disliked to the nth degree, the Barn since that game. Oh, but Coach Bryant was coming to town soon, real soon.

    The "Ears" years had to be the very...
  24. Link: Re: Amid New Calls to Pay Athletes, Alabama AD Has a Few Thoughts

    So, maybe we should eliminate Scholarships, better meals than you can get anywhere else, weight/training facilities, textbooks, medical issues, etc. So, I guess we pay them and then $CHARGE$ them...
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    Re: Alcohol at SEC venues

    My recommendation: if it's a NIGHT game, make sure you stay in a hotel in T-town or just sleep in your car until it's safe. Don't risk driving home with DRUNKS on the highways/freeways. Some...
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