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  1. Re: Suspended Alabama freshman Antonio Alfano has ‘disappeared a little bit’

    I cant argue with those points. rtr
  2. Re: Suspended Alabama freshman Antonio Alfano has ‘disappeared a little bit’

    I dont disagree with your take, i was talking about Coach Sabans comments about the young man making mistakes and making them worse. I understand the family issues and being far away from home. I get...
  3. Re: Suspended Alabama freshman Antonio Alfano has ‘disappeared a little bit’

    My point is that Coach Saban has said times that he has had mistakes and further compounded them. I see he has some family issues, but if he was an early enrollee and still hasnt figured out to right...
  4. Re: Suspended Alabama freshman Antonio Alfano has ‘disappeared a little bit’

    At this point let him go and free up a scholarship for someone who wants to be here. rtr
  5. Re: DirecTV could drop ESPN Networks & ABC tonight

    I dropped DIRECT TV a couple months ago. What made me really mad was that they didnt prorate my bill. So i paid for 29 days that I didnt have the service. The managers were absolute jerks. I hope...
  6. Re: CFN: Alabama vs. South Carolina Fearless Prediction, Game Preview

    Im going again, hopefully we blast them out of the water. Need the SCAR fans to have some humble pie. Looking for Bama to win by 3 touchdowns. Roll Tide

    We have 2 young men from my school who will...
  7. Poll: Re: Which Program will hire a new coach after 2 years worth of Buyer's remorse?

    can i vote for all? Frost has the only shot of sticking around longer. rtr
  8. Re: Enos rips Miami Freshman QB after loss to UF

    Bad Look. glad he is gone. a blessing he is out of here. You dont need your coach ripping guys publicly. rtr
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    Re: CFN Alabama vs Duke Prediction

    45-14!! roll tide
  10. Re: Danny Sheridan on Finebaum (his thoughts)

    yes my buddies and relatives remind me all the time. Heck my principal at the school I teach at changed his garage code to the score. its unreal how SCAR AND CLEM drive me crazy. Im the only bama fan...
  11. Re: Danny Sheridan on Finebaum (his thoughts)

    I have to listen to Gamecock and Clemson fans as they have both got us in past matches. Im tired. We need to smoke both gamecocks and clemson this year. I need revenge so they all shut it. rtr
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    Re: South Carolina Sept 14

    Was thinking about going, had bad experience when we lost years ago. Fans were ridiculous. Still hoping to go with old college roommate who unfortunately is a Gamecock fan. The time before when we...
  13. ADMIN NOTE: Re: Everybody Please check that your registered email is valid & Forgot Password info

    Mine is valid, as you sent me a happy birthday from Tidefans 2 days ago! Rtr

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  14. Question: Re: What will it take for Bama to win another NC this year?

    Tough to have a slumo when you plac in the ACC. I do agree with the outcoaching part. Rtr

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  15. Question: Re: What will it take for Bama to win another NC this year?

    Tua stay healthy. Najee and robinson stepping up replacing 2 stud running backs, d line getting pressure on opposing QBs. Linebackers tackling better. Secondary locking down receivers. Hell maybe...
  16. Link: Re: UA Offering Season and Mini-Package Tickets

    2017-2018 season i bought the 5 game plan and was able to go to a couple good games. Much more affordable than season tickets. The Colorado St game I took my 10 year old daughter to get first game....
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    2020 Prospect: Re: 2020 Commits and Prospects

    Evidently Sarkisian is in town today to watch 3* CFHS QB Mason Garcia practice today (myrtle beach, sc ). will post some more later. rtr
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    Re: 2020 NFL Mock Draft

    with that many potential first and second round picks, we better win the damn championship!! roll tide roll! Tired of losing to my wifes team... clemson
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    Re: New member introducing myself

    Welcome and Roll Tide!
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    2020 Prospect: Re: 3* OL Seth McLaughlin commits

    roll tide
  21. Re: Tide Pride administrative fee for waiting list

    ive been on the waiting list for 10 years now and got the email the other day. im really debating about the 25$ fee. to me its bogus that they are asking for a fee to be on the wait list. Ive been on...
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    Question: Re: First Bama Game you ever attended?

    What was the first Bama game you attended? (Date, opponent, location, outcome). Bama vs Miss State at BDS in November 2008. We won 32-8.
    What were the circumstances of your attendance? 2 college...
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    2020 Prospect: Re: *** 2020 QB Carson Beck Commits to Bama ***

    Well we do have a logjam of young talented QB's on the roster, so maybe he figures too much competition here so go elsewhere for a better shot of playing time.
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    Re: How best to respond to the ribbing?

    Im in south carolina, married to a Clemson fan. The last 4 years has been tough in our household. Roll Tide.

    Oh and we have gone weeks with out speaking. Especially 2 years ago, this year only a...
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    Re: UA Coaching Carousel - Discussion of Hires...

    No thank you

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