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  1. Question: Re: How should a team handle Clemson's 3-2-6 defense

    If the 3-2-6 is their formation with 3 safeties, they did employ it against aTm. At least during the portion of the game I watched. It was the first time I noticed the 3-safety thing.
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    Game Thread:  Re: Official Postgame Thread Bama vs. USCe...

    If anyone's prone to do it, he certainly is.
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    Game Thread:  Re: Official Postgame Thread Bama vs. USCe...

    I was at the game, and based on the SC fans around me, you'd think they won the game when SC score that last garbage touchdown. Yeah....they wanted him to stay in.
  4. Re: Its "we are scraping the bottom of the barrel" week in college football... Who ya

    1) KSU @ MSU- I’ll take MSU

    2) Colorado St @ Arkansas- I’ll take CSU

    3) Stanford @ UCF - Give me Stanford

    4) Iowa @ ISU - I’ll pick Iowa

    5) FSU @ Virginia - UVA
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    Re: Happy Birthday Coach Bryant

    Happy Birthday, Coach. I'm reading the book, "The Last Coach" by Allen Barra, about CPB's life. I'm still in the early pages, but some of the stories about CPB's high school days are hilarious. He...
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    Looking for LSU Tickets

    Found 4; now looking for 3

    Looking for 7.........will consider any qty you have up to 7.

    Yeah I's a tough ask, but I have 7 family members who are attending this year. PM me if you...
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    Re: Pick the score: Alabama vs. NM State

    Somebody needs to break that Ga Tech-Cumberland record.........might as well be us!
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    News Article: Re: SI's Top 10 coaches of all time

    Never thought I would see it my lifetime, but you're right.
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    Re: Nigel Knott is no longer with the team

    Tough break for Nigel........wish him the best going forward as he deals with this transition.
  10. JessN: Re: NMSU preview: If Tide is focused, this could be the biggest blowout in years

    Great write-up, Jess. We’re fortunate to have you on Tide Fans.

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  11. Re: Jake Bentley out at least 6 weeks with broken foot.

    Some Orthopedic professional on one of the USCe forums says it's a Lisfranc injury like Barrett Jones had. TIFWIW.
  12. Re: It’s “ wow things are getting interesting” week in the SEC week. Who ya got?

    I usually suck at picking a bunch of games at one time, but I'll give it a go.

    1) LSU @ Texas. I'm taking the Bayou Bengals

    2) BYU @ Tennessee. Can....Never....Root....for......Tenn- give me...
  13. Re: Georgia State Trolling UT by selling tickets for $38.30 😂😂

    Might be a little low-class, but I gotta admit, that's pretty funny!
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    Poll: Re: PART II: 2019 Gameday meetup

    I’m still good with either choice....just let me know. If it’s LSU, I might have an extra 3 or 4 family members with me and the Mrs.

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    Re: Hey guys

    Welcome.......lots of good folks around here.
  16. Re: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly.... Blue Devil style:

    A victory
    Tua looks sharp
    Our WR’s - especially Jeudy
    Our TE play!
    Our Defense
    Shane Lee’s hits!
    CNS’s passion still as strong as ever
    Seeing Trevon Diggs back on the field
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    Re: SEC Shorts: Tennessee and the playoffs

    My favorite clip from them so far....hilarious.

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    Re: Shakers banned from Mercedes Benz Stadium

    Security told us we couldn’t bring ours in, then turned around and put them right back in our carry-in clear bag. Real effective security force....

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  19. Re: In case anyone missed Hugh Freeze's return to coaching...

    Proof that life can be stranger than fiction

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    Question: What will fix our OL problems?

    As others have said, time playing together and gelling will fix a lot of what we saw. But, Duke had some (relatively) small guys that our OL was asked to block a few times, and the small guys...
  21. Question: Re: Will the Tennessee / Alabama game become relevant again?

    I get the question for sure, but It’s relevant, because it’s Tennessee. At least for me.

    If we continue to dominate them until my age group moves on, the old rivalry will die, I suppose. Which...
  22. JessN: Re: Duke wrap-up: Bama’s air show took the wind out of Duke’s sails

    Great synopsis, Jess. Thanks for all you do.

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    Game Thread:  Re: Official Post-Game Thread Bama vs. Duke...

    Happy for the win. Thrilled that Ford got him a TD. Need some jelling on the OL.

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  24. Looking for parking pass in South Ten Hoor Deck.

    Never mind.......found one.

    PM me if you have one.

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    Re: BAMA vs NMSU Tickets Wanted (Need 2)

    I might sell mine; still deciding. Section U3D. PM me if interested

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