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    Re: OSU wants to trademark 'The'

    Of course it's a PR move as it is the only way to get you to talk about the OSU football team which is a joke and a shadow of its former self.
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    News Article: Re: SI names Bama greatest of all-time

    These fool SI writers are not happy unless they are trying to rewrite college football history. Surprise, surprise, college football was played long before the AP titles were invented. FYI SI Bama...
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    Re: OSU wants to trademark 'The'

    Next we'll get the definition of what "is" is
  4. Question: Re: Will the Tennessee / Alabama game become relevant again?

    Can't see the orange slime ever being relevant either if Pruit doesn't get them there. The only way 10rc become relevant without Pruitt would be to get up to their recruiting shenanigans when Fulmer...
  5. Re: UGA dismisses 5* OLB Brandon Cox

    I'm sure CNS will do due diligence and make a decision on whether to take a run at him or not.
  6. 2020 Prospect: Re: **** ATH Drew Sanders Flips From OU to Alabama ****

    I am 100% confident once Sanders has sent Bama his LOI, he will be a Bama player.
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    Re: Will Nick Saban reign in Tua?

    Yes, I knew I had missed one before the 'but', however, I plead mea culpa
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    Re: Will Nick Saban reign in Tua?

    Sorry guys but grammar police here. Reign is what a king or queen does when they are on the throne. Rein is used when reining in a horse or reining in Tua. Sorry. It's one of my pet peeves but I...
  9. Re: Rolando McClain wants a comeback opportunity

    Perhaps now is the time to get in on the coaching side of things. Maybe he should contact Nick about a graduate assistant position but I don't believe he graduated.
  10. Question: Re: What will it take for Bama to win another NC this year?

    For whatever reason, Bama doesn't win the NC when being #1 all season. Now, as #2 it is a different story so I'm looking forward to #18. Naturally, a whole bunch of luck, limited injuries to key...
  11. Re: Duke-Bama tickets for the price of a rack of Dreamland ribs

    I suspect you'll be able to get a cheap ticket much closer to the game.
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    Re: Are We Done at LB ?

    I seriously doubt any recruitment stops with a commitment -- not until the LOI is signed. I'm sure there are a number of offers which are contingent upon certain factors such as if a commitment...
  13. Re: The GOP is turning the 4th of July into an authoritarian fantasy

    Now I know how the British were beaten in 1776 -- America had an airforce!!! What dimwit statement and that crap about the telestrator stopping is ridiculous. Trump just can't help himself lying...
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    Re: The policy and politics of Trumpism

    Why is it the US cannot produce decent football/soccer commentators. I get so tired of that stupid woman who talks about "serving" and "service" to the penalty area. Those are tennis terms, not...
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    2020 Prospect: Re: Bama Reoffers Nadab Joseph (Now in JUCO)

    Wherever this kid lands, I wish him the best if luck. Sounds like he has had tremendous challenges in his life so far much like Josh Jacobs and look how things turned out for him. Of course, I want...
  16. Re: Rod Bramblett and Wife in Serious Car Accident; Wife Passes Away (Update: Both Pa

    Unfortunately, nothing can be done for the Brambletts. This kid's stupidity and negligence has resulted in the loss of two lives. If he is charged in Juvenile Court he will serve no more than 5...
  17. Re: 2020 4* WR Dazalin Worsham (Trussville) Updates

    It doesn't matter the ins and outs of the decision. He is a kid making a grown man's decision. An 18 year old will obviously be easily swayed by South Beach. However, if he does actually spend...
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    Re:'ve done it again

    Alabama is an enigma to me. On the one hand I have met many very fine people from the state, and I married a fine man from Ft. Payne. However, they do their best to epitomize the racist, redneck...
  19. Re: Will We Pursue a QB in 2021 Class and Who are Top Prospects?

    Shhh, don't tell Kirby!!!
  20. Re: 2020 Prospect: **** Four-star OLB Quandarrius Robinson commits to BAMA ****

    Welcome and roll tide. Looking forward to the LB domination with him.
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    Re: Congrats GOP, this is who you now are

    Totally amazed at the lemming like republican voters who just vote like they are told to. In general, they don't really look at the issues. The current occupier of the White House must be the worse...
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    2020 Prospect: Re: 2020 Commits and Prospects

  23. 2020 Prospect: Re: **** 4* OLB Demouy Kennedy Commits to Bama ****

    Welcome to the Tide young man. So looking forward to seeing you play the hybrid position.

    He is obviously a smart young man as he already understands, "Then Nick Saban, he’s not just preparing...
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    Question: Re: Starting Offensive Lineup

    Agree. However, when there is no throw, hope he slings it out to fight another play. I don't want him to suffer the injuries he got last season because of hanging on to the rock too long.
  25. Re: Alabama Superfan Walt Gary Passes Away at 36

    Sorry to head of Walt's passing. It appears he lived a great life despite his health issues and gave far more than he received. RIP
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