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    News Article: Re: Catching up on Brodie Croyle

    Brodie really does have his head on straight.
  2. Re: Nussmeier/Replacement at OC (keep OC discussion here)

    ESPN saying done deal.
  3. Re: Statistics from this year, compared to all of Saban's other teams at Bama

    I can see a pattern here.
  4. Re: Nussmeier to Michigan

    I totally agree with trying to control the clock against the hunh teams. That first drive against okie the most effective pass play was the screen to Cooper. This gets the ball out of the qb's hands...
  5. Re: Nussmeier to Michigan

    Yeah. The TN fans hate the guy. It would make for a hostile environment this year at Neyland Stadium. That is what make it fun though. This will be an interesting hire.
  6. Re: Nussmeier to Michigan

    Amen to that. We had opportunities in more than 1 drive in the Sugar Bowl to run it down Okie's throat and did with success but we never committed and established the run. Running with a horse like...
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    Re: Great Points re: Rooting for AU vs FSU

    I am looking at this from a glass half full perspective as apposed to a glass half empty. I don't like either team but one of two things can happen.

    1. Barn wins and the SEC wins 8 straight and...
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    Re: Will franklin get consideration for texas

    Another good thing about James Franklin in my eyes is that the TN folks hate him.
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    Re: Be real: Ever cried during/after a Bama game?

    I haven't cried but probably came about as close to crying as possible Saturday after the IB. My father in law walked in right after the IB ended Saturday and he told me and my brother we looked like...
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    Re: CBS reporting Sarkesian to USC

    Turns out that Arkansas' fit wasn't 6XXL.[/QUOTE]

    It was pretty close though. I am guessing 5XXL or so.
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    Re: CBS reporting Sarkesian to USC

    Maybe this will finally be Fat Phil's big break to get back into coaching.
  12. Re: Dilema: It's hard to pull for Urban Cryer even against the Barn

    The NC game is of no interest to me at this point. I can only hope that either Mizzou beats the barn and Mich St wins the BIG putting an SEC team other than the barn in there. Otherwise you have...
  13. Question: Re: The future of Defensive Philosophy and the HUNH

    I trust that Saban and Smart will figure this thing out. You know they have watched a lot of film on it leading up to the iron bowl and probably as much or more since. Good news is if we draw Clemson...
  14. Re: Wow! Jameis Winston investigated for sexual assault

    There could be a wealthy booster willing to pay off these folks to try and make it go away. We don't know if he is guilty or not but things are looking worse for him now than they did just a couple...
  15. Game Thread: Re: Thread: ****Bama vs. LSU Game Thread - 2nd Half****

    I agree. This game along with TAM were both big tests. I have a feeling there is at least one more test, but the good guys will pass.
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