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  1. Re: What did we learn from the Georgia loss?

    SC 23 Bama 47
    SC 20 Geo 17

    It appears our O is a lot better than the dogs when they have three ints.
  2. Re: Ohio State are they for real? (Chime in B1GTide)

    Yes says all the major computers, AP and Coaches poll.
  3. Re: Tua - Jeudy Dust Up - should we be concerned?

    I was surprised that Tua reacted as strongly as he did. It does cause me some concern. Most people resent being dumped on in public like that.
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    Re: Gary and Brad .....

    I like Gary when he sticks to football stuff but his constant fault-finding with Bama gets on my nerves. He seems to love to point out the calls the refs miss against Bama and shows only one or two...
  5. Game Thread:  Re: Official Game Thread Bama vs. TAMU - 1st Half...

    These last two series have almost got me believing again.
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    Game Thread:  Re: South Carolina @ UGA (11am CDT ESPN)

    Congrats to coach Boom.
  7. Game Thread:  Re: Official Game Thread Bama vs. TAMU - 1st Half...

    Scored quick but D gets a end of qtr break
  8. Game Thread:  Re: Official Game Thread Bama vs. TAMU - 1st Half...

    I have determined that our D "is what it is" so I am not going to carp about it. Just say Go Tua.
  9. Game Thread:  Re: Miss State @ Twelversee (11am CDT SECN)

    Not the first time I have said this: Joe Morehead is out of his league. He maybe needs to go to the MAC or Sunbelt.
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    Re: "Houston, we have a problem..."

    I don't think Dana is a great HC. Other than that I don't know except I don't care much for Houston.
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    Re: Pick the score: Alabama vs. Texas A&M

    I will go with the scoring margin. Bama +37, A&M +15. Bama -22 Roll Tide.
  12. News Article: Re: Tennessee radio personality camping out on roof of Toyota Knoxville until Vols wi

    Who would want their name associated with a dumpster fire? Maybe Lane Kiffin bought a car there and convinced them that any news is good news.
  13. Game Thread:  Re: Relatively Unimportant Games Thread...

    I haven't looked at the stats but it seemed to me that Iowa has the most inept QB and O-line in FBS. As Uncle Jed would say, "Pit-T-ful, jest pit-T-ful."
  14. Game Thread:  Re: Official PreGame Thread Bama vs. Bye...

    Gary Danielson is making me mad.:o
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    Re: What if SEC eliminated divisions?

    I don't understand the angst against divisions -- unless we go to round robin and play every team every year. Football keeps changing so that it doesn't matter to me one way or the other. I would...
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    Game Thread:  Re: UCF @ Cincy

    Poor Knights, tsk tsk tsk. Penthouse to …… you know. :smile: I am surprised at how inept the UCF offense seems to be.
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    Re: 2019-20 Coaching Carousel

    John Gruden repeats he is not interested in being head Vol.
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    News Article: Re: How bad can it get at Tennessee

    I went thru Knoxville Monday morning and came back Monday evening. Stopped and got gas once, ate twice. Went to Wal Mart. NOT ONE Tennessee cap or shirt. Not one. I was wearing my Bama cap. ...
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    Re: We're now #1 in the AP Poll

    I agree but it is not just Clemson fans. We are hated everywhere.
  20. News Article: Re: BREAKING: Alabama jumps to No. 1 in latest Amway Coaches Poll

    Our running game is less than impressive. Our D is less than impressive. Our passing game is very impressive. I don't really think teams improve much from the third game onward. Right now it is...
  21. Game Thread:  Re: Official Postgame Thread Bama vs. Ole Miss...

    We are 23rd in the nation in total defense. The 22 teams ahead of us play against the "modern" offenses too, so we can't use that excuse.
  22. Game Thread:  Re: Official Postgame Thread Bama vs. Ole Miss...

    I am concerned about our Big 12 defense. I am not used to shootouts.
  23. Game Thread:  Re: Official Game Thread Bama vs. Ole Miss - 1st Half...

    Our passing game looks good.
  24. Game Thread:  Re: Friday Night Footall Games - Every Friday Game Here

    Fuentes was supposed to be the new golden boy in college football and VT was widely considered as getting the top hire that year. What works in G5 does not always work in P5 it seems.
  25. Re: The Days of Their Vols (The 2019 Vol meltdown thread)

    What could we liken this Tennessee experience to?

    1. Train Wreck.
    2. Dumpster Fire.
    3. Man-made Disaster.
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