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    Re: Third Saturday in October time announced

    FINALLY! I can't wait to watch this beatdown under the (freaky tricked out) lights!
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    Re: What do you think will happen with Pruitt?

    He would be held accountable for what he does on the field if he's the permanent head coach. They've already forced him out once. In his current position, he could maintain absolute control over...
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    Re: What do you think will happen with Pruitt?

    The more I think about it, I don't think Phatlock wants to be the head man, at least not permanently. However, I do think he wants a coach he can absolutely control. Tee Martin is on staff there. ...
  4. Re: The Days of Their Vols (The 2019 Vol meltdown thread)

    OUCH. Thamel didn't pull any punches there, did he? Of course, he's 100% accurate with everything he wrote, but wow.
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    Re: Will Reichard injury update?

    If I was Saban, I'd scrap punting and just go for every 4th down. Seriously. There are stats to back up that philosophy. At this point, we're gaining 30-35 yards on a punt with a substantial risk...
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    Game Thread:  Re: Official Postgame Thread Bama vs. USM...

    Our kickers definitely know how to bend a football...
  7. Re: UA Administration Starting to Voice Displeasure with So Many Daytime Games

    I don't give a monkey's butthole about the health of "the conference." I care about Alabama, and only Alabama. The rest of "the conference" can sit and spin. This is crap. As Byrne said in his...
  8. Re: SEC Games on CBS sports this Fall -- B'ham channel CBS 42 not working on Direct T

    Why can't you just call DTV and tell them you moved to Atlanta or something?
  9. Re: le'ron mcclain is struggling with head injury issues - si article

    I know it's too late for Le'Ron, but given the tests that have been done on helmets with regard to preventing concussions, doesn't it seem like a no-brainer for these guys to use the Vicis Zero1...
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    Re: Dylan Moses hurt according to Aaron Suttles

    Bad Words. Very Bad Words.
  11. Re: SEC Shorts - Teams get single wish from SEC Fairy Godmother

    They absolutely pegged UGA. Hilarious!
  12. Re: It's that time yet again.... Pick the score: Alabama vs. Duke

    This is what I've heard around town too. They're ....ed and that means a really long day for the Dookies.

  13. Re: Miss State hit with NCAA sanctions, probation, vacated wins for academic miscondu

  14. Re: Mack Wilson has a Good Evening for the Browns

    You mean he stayed off Instagram long enough to actually play football?
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    Re: Bold Predictions for 2019

    - Clemson will lose two regular season games to some collection of these teams: Texas A&M, Florida State, Georgia Tech, Syracuse, South Carolina
    - Oklahoma will lose to Texas
    - Malzahn keeps his...
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    Re: LSU's New Locker Room Innovations

    I just figured they were providing a nice place for their players to curl up in the fetal position after yet another Bama beatdown...
  17. Re: Jackie Sherrill Accepts Settlement Against NCAA - Rich Johanningmeier had a bad d

    Looking in the comments for the linked article, there are some folks who were in the gallery during the proceedings that will be doing FOIA requests to get the transcripts released. Our odds of...
  18. Re: Rod Bramblett and Wife in Serious Car Accident; Wife Passes Away

    This is a terrible tragedy. Praying for his family.
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    Re: Who replaces Avery?

    Matta would be a solid hire, if he's healthy enough to do the job right.

    But Pitino... That's a message sent to EVERYONE. Yeah, I know about the issues. But if the goal is to win (and win big),...
  20. Link: Re: Football Scoop: Freddie Kitchens to be promoted to Browns HC

    Beat me to it. Feel free to delete the duplicate thread.
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    Re: 20 Years of

    20 years already! Wow! I don't post much, but I read pretty much every day. Thanks for all you and the mods do, Brett!

    I found the first iteration of this site way back when and joined. We...
  22. Game Thread:  Re: OFFICIAL POSTGAME THREAD - Bama v. Clemson...

    Got to give it to Clemson. They whipped us top-to-bottom. Straight up. What really gets to me is watching the opposition call a timeout as a curtain call to pull their starters off the field. I...
  23. Question: Re: Who actually made the decision for San Jose and Levis Stadium?

  24. Re: Here it Comes New Push for an 8 Team College Football Playoff

    I haven't read the entire thread, so apologies if this has already been suggested.

    I support an 8-team playoff, with the conference champions of the Power 5, plus 3 at-large teams. Now, how we...
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    Re: How your superstition helped win the game

    After the 2017 Iron Bowl Fiasco, I retired my aged houndstooth baseball cap in favor of a brand new crimson Nike ballcap. It is undefeated so far. However, it must be atop my head a minimum of one...
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