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  1. Question: Re: Fall Camp: Which new players will make an impact?

    Whoever makes the move at OG, will they be able to hold off D. Brown once his suspension is completed?
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    BAMA vs NMSU Tickets Wanted (Need 2)

    Need a couple good tickets to NMSU game. Looking for West Side inside the 20s, well off the field, and face value (or less). Lots of tickets seem to be available on stub hub and tickets still...
  3. Link: Re: Just coach speak or is there a real chance Hurts may not be the starter at OU?

    I went and read some of the recaps from their spring practice and spring game. Observers had little doubt that Jalen had wrapped the job up, at least heading into the fall.
  4. Re: Alabama TE Kedrick James enters transfer portal

    Seems strange with some pretty good TEs coming out of Bama. Perhaps he's not quite as good since fixing his NCAA eligibility issues.

    Definitely was expecting him to help solve our TE issues.
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    Re: Who throws for more yards Tua or Jalen?

    Did Jalen nail down the Sooner starting job in the spring or is the competition ongoing? I should know the answer to that but didn't keep up with OU.
  6. Re: Tua Tagovailoa misses Manning Passing Academy with minor injury

    The big question is whether he'll be different better or different not really better.
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    Re: How ILB became a weak link at Alabama

    Could someone list the guys that are ILBs or even potential ILBs that we'll be looking at this year. Do we know where all the freshmen will be yet? Is Christian Harris an ILB? Thanks...
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    2020 Prospect: Re: Bama Reoffers Nadab Joseph (Now in JUCO)

    Be a good pull, especially since he'll have three years of eligibility.
  9. Re: Who are your all-time top five Alabama quarterbacks?

    1. K. Stabler
    2. A.J. McCarron
    3. J. Namath
    4. R. Todd/J. Coker
    5. The wishbone championship winners

    Tua should move into the top 3 somewhere, maybe all the way to the top, if he plays...
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    Link: Re: Makur Maker 4 Star Class of 2020 611 C

    He would likely fit in CNO's offense pretty nicely.
  11. Re: Sheridan sets line on hypothetical Bama-Clemson Week 1 game, digs on the Gus Bus

    Just not sure I buy that. Jimbo exceeded expectations in year one, has very good talent, and definitely has the QB edge vs Auburn. The trip to Baton Rouge will be a very hard trip on a young QB. ...
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    Re: FSU OLine transfer (Dickerson)

    Sounds like nobody really knows what he might be able to do if he was healthy. He'll get a chance to compete and we'll find out.
  13. Re: H&H series are scheduled w/Notre Dame & Okl. any other schools you'd like to see?

    A little out of the box but I'd like to see us do a H&H with the Air Force Academy. Would be an outstanding road trip experience for both teams.

    Also agree we need to visit OSU and UM some day.
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    Re: 2019-2020 Roster

    Pretty exciting to think about the possibilities of having 8-9 guys who can really play SEC level basketball...and having those guys well prepared. I expect some of the returning guys will have to...
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    Re: RJ Cole

    This guy would be a huge get. Seems to have the all-around game we've been looking for from our guards. Shoots free throws at over 80% and averages over 6 assists per game. Big time scorer (24...
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    Re: 2020 NFL Mock Draft

    I thought Jennings looked quicker and more athletic this spring. Never thought he played up to expectations last year but really looking forward to seeing if his spring performance carries over to a...
  17. Re: Tua's status for the 2020 draft - according to NFL Scouts

    Read that article and pretty much agree with you. However, all those guys are really good and that's just the guys that are draft eligible. From that, I extrapolate that we have a chance to have a...
  18. News Article: Re: SIAP: Clemson WR Justyn Ross Thinks Some NCAA Players Will Leave to Play in XFL

    Excellent point. I would want my money guaranteed and protected.

    I'd be for this and maybe it will catch on. Way, way too many players on college campuses that really don't want to be there and...
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    Re: 2019 Spring Practice Thread

    Read that Terrell Lewis has missed the last two practices...anybody know why?
  20. Link: Re: 10 biggest games in 2019 that will impact next season's CFB Playoff

    Not sure that Clemson is a lock if they lose to TA&M. SEC Champ, Notre Dame, B1G Champ (if OSU they won't get left out again), OU/Texas Winner as conf champ could keep them out with their schedule. ...
  21. Re: Alabama Takes Two Punters as Preferred Walk-On's in 2019 Class

    Excited to see competition coming in. High school kickers are really hard to predict.

    Our poor kicking has forced CNS to manage the game differently and it doesn't really seem to fit his style. ...
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    Re: Why delay the inevitable?

    Pretty sure he means don't delay beyond this season. Unfortunately, that's probably what will happen and we may even see a contract extension. Don't think the admin really cares about basketball and...
  23. JessN: Re: Recruiting 2019: Tide takes top spot again, almost sets record

    Great write-up and great class. Do we have room for everyone to fit in without any special massaging (gray/blue shirts)?
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    Re: Grad Transfer Recruiting

    I was really hopeful with Reichard coming in until I read a synopsis on him that went something like 'good kicker that specializes in kickoffs but could be pressed into service as a place kicker if...
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    Grad Transfer Recruiting

    Well, I hope it's a recruiting topic.

    Do we track whether BAMA is interested in or targeting any specific grad transfers? Most specifically interested in punters/kickers but maybe could be help...
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