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    Re: What is the status of Tua's ankle?

    Yea Lord knows he doesn't show up to the "big games":rolleye2: My my how people forget him against UGA...
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    Re: What is the status of Tua's ankle?

    Yep if people think he was rusty against LSU lets just sit him for two more games and then throw him in against one of the best defenses he'll face on the road and we'll be a-ok!:rolleye2:
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    Question: Re: Alabama HS Size Classifications?

    Daily attendance of 10-12 grades plus 9th grade holdbacks. Private schools are counted as 1.35 per student and that's how you can get .95 students etc. Also private schools can be bumped up a class...
  4. Re: Has anyone heard of Jalen White RB from Daleville?

    I'm not trying to knock the kid, but when he got 8 TD's on 9 touches they played Barbour County. They only dressed 13 for the game (that is NOT a typo)
  5. Re: New Daniel Moore Art Print "THE HURDLE"

    No joke!

    I'll be happy to just make the playoffs with all the injuries we have on defense.
  6. Re: CNS says Will Reichard could be ready for the Aggies

    I say we shouldn't let him kick off anymore. I know Bulovas is not the best PK but I'd rather lose Reichard to a FG rather than a PK spot.
  7. Alabama: Re: Did not like CNS antics in pressconf after game

    Exactly. I mean the man was the only one who wanted an extra SEC game and plainly said he wanted to play all Power 5 teams and yet these reporters keep poking and poking the bear and act surprised...
  8. Re: UA Administration Starting to Voice Displeasure with So Many Daytime Games

    I've gotten to where I just won't go to 11am games. We have to leave at least by 8am at the latest just to make the game, much less be able to do anything before and afterwards you're so hot you're...
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    Re: Hurricane Dorian

    Actually you shorted me 10 kilo volts which is 10,000 volts:biggrin2: Sorry I had to;)

    No I generally don't play outside the country, our company is thinking about maybe getting involved but I...
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    Re: Hurricane Dorian

    Thanks man! Just got back last night from North Carolina. I wasn't a part of the Florida call out as I was in the Midwest working a storm as well, basically left there and went straight to NC!
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    Re: 8/10 Scrimmage Updates

    I really like Lee
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    Question: Re: Remember when GameDay was fun to watch?

    Yep it was a staple for me as well, especially when I went to Tuscaloosa or Atlanta to follow the Tide. Now it's 99% talking and 1% football highlights. You basically can't find great highlights...
  13. Re: Kyriq McDonald granted immediate eligibility at Cincinnati

    Just imagine if we would have had two years of Colin Peek. GT done away with TE's and yet the NZAA told him tough luck.:mad:
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    Re: FSU sucks at social media too...

  15. Re: CBS Blackout on Directv...Hope this is resolved soon

    You do know AT&T owns DTV right?

    This crap always gets settled. There is no way DTV lets it get to the point where the Birmingham market is blacked out on the first Saturday of football season,...
  16. Re: USAT: Clemson, not Alabama, now face of college football

    This ^^^

    Did anyone hear that idiot that said Trevor Lawrence was TWICE as good a QB as Tua was? That is the dumbest thing I believe I've ever heard. About the only QB alive that's twice...
  17. Link: Re: Just coach speak or is there a real chance Hurts may not be the starter at OU?

    The only problem I had was Coach Saban keeping Hurts in against the barn. It was painfully obvious Jalen couldn't move the offense that day. Hurts had the same amount of carries than Harris,...
  18. Re: CBS Blackout on Directv...Hope this is resolved soon

    Yep they'll be back on before the season starts guaranteed!
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    News Article: Re: Josh Chapman Arrested with Second DUI

    There was a drunk driver that drove off the road and hit 3 lineworkers not long after we left Mexico Beach last year. They were still there working for co-ops that were hard hit. I think they said...
  20. Re: Video of Coach Oats on court coaching Bama practice

    I agree as well. I admit I wasn't the happiest when I first learned he was "the hire" but he has recruited me just as much as he has the players he kept and got in what little time he had. He got a...
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    Re: Roster moves (transfers/draft/etc)

    Don't forget, if he plays in Texas anywhere (like Round Rock, Corpus Christi etc.) there is no state tax as well (which you definitely know)
  22. Re: Video of Coach Oats on court coaching Bama practice

    It will help when we learn how to spell Oats.:biggrin2:;)
  23. Re: Video of Coach Oats on court coaching Bama practice

    Man we can really tell we can't shoot 3's from a small clip from practice:biggrin:

    We can't build and get shooters in one year. This will be a process. Yes his offense will cause some quick...
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    2020 Prospect: Re: Bama Reoffers Nadab Joseph (Now in JUCO)

    I hate to go off course for a minute but I'll be rooting for Jacobs harder than I ever have a Bama kid to "make it" in the NFL.
  25. Re: Big News Out of Tuscaloosa - Conecuh Sausage Now "The Official Smoked Sausage" of

    Slice some Conecuh into thin pieces about the size of 2 quarters with some shredded habaneros and you got a nice meal:wink:
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