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    Question: Re: How should a team handle Clemson's 3-2-6 defense

    First off I am not a defensive guru as many of you are when it comes to such defenses. That being said my observation of Clemson so far this season is Georgia Tech and Syracuse. Enough said about...
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    Alabama: Re: Did not like CNS antics in pressconf after game

    I don't know where you have been since the rest of the nation has sobered up after the jubilation of Clemson thumping Bama, but all I have heard since then was how pathetic Bama's non conference...
  3. Politics: Re: 2020 Rep POTUS candidate catch all discussion thread

    My dad used to say, "You can hope, wish in one hand and defecate in the other and see which gets fullest the fastest". Not exactly his words but you get the point. ;)

    Voting for Biden would be...
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    Re: Rb1 and Rb2 sitting out first half against Duke

    Hopefully there will be no reason to play them in the second half! ;)
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    Re: It is OFFICIALLY ... GAME WEEK 1!

    It has been a long 8 months or so!!! ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!!
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    Re: Danny Sheridan on Finebaum (his thoughts)

    1. On paper? Which team could withstand a season ending injury to their starting QB the best?? Game ain't played on paper.

    2. More than one team that Bama could lose to and the same can be said...
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    News Article: Re: SI names Bama greatest of all-time

    5 AP titles. They are not counting UPI championships like the one Bama won in '73
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    Re: Dabo disses SEC depth

    Clemson played the national champioship game with a chip on their shoulders from the beat down Bama put on them in the semi the year before and played their best game of the season that night! Bama...
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    Re: USA Today / Amway Coaches Poll

    Correct! There is nothing wrong with preseason polls whatsoever. College basketball, baseball, shoot pretty much most college sports have a preseason poll even though they have larger playoffs!...
  10. Re: DNC debates - July 30, 31, 2019 - Schedule info and discussion thread

    I don't know about you all, but I could certainly stand to look at Tulsi for four to eight years as president! Maybe Biden will consider her as his running mate if nothing else! ;)
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    Re: USA Today / Amway Coaches Poll

    Yeah there is really nothing they can do about their conference being so bad and if they were to take a day off and lose to any team on their schedule, even if it were to A&M or South Carolina their...
  12. Thread: Status of Anoma

    by MOAN

    Question: Re: Really Hated to See the News About Anoma

    Will not return per Stephen M Smith on Twitter, Touchdown Alabama.
  13. Re: ESPN ranks easiest non-conference schedules ... Bama rolls in at #6

    Get ready for all the crap head media talk about how great an out of conference schedule Clemson plays/played this year! Texas A&M, South Carolina, Wofford and Charlotte!! Bama plays A&M and South...
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    Link: Re: Makur Maker 4 Star Class of 2020 6’11 C

    The right coach at the right program will get his recruits, especially if the results are promising. How long will Calipari, Krzyzewski, Williams keep coaching? Why not Bama? Hoping we got the right...
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    Re: Next Head Coach; Dabo, Kirby, or Jimbo

    I do not anticipate a coaching change in my lifetime...and I am only 57! ;)
  16. Re: Dabo on Recruiting in Alabama - “I’m Kind of Like Osama Bin Dabo”

    I personally think coach Saban will be at Bama years after Dabo goes to the pro's...the only thing that really bothers me is 44-16. That demon will only be exercised with another Bama national...
  17. Re: The Bronze Bomber (Deontay Wilder) speaks to the team

    How that dude got up off the mat is amazing to me....even though he was clearly out of it. If the ref hadn't stopped it then and let the Bronze Bomber hit him again it would have been most definitely...
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    Re: Dabo on contract buyout if he comes to Bama

    I have no animosity towards Dabo like many do and frankly he has proven himself as one of the top 2 coaches in the game today! That being money is on him retiring or being run off way...
  19. Re: I just posted a positive review for our local Aldi store

    The Aldi's on South Parkway in Huntsville sells milk for 97 cents a gallon and eggs 48 cents a dozen. Of course the Wal Mart across the road from it sells milk and eggs at the same price. The Aldi's...
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    Re: Dabo wants to play UGA every year

    Well he is playing Bama every year so why not? ;)
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    Re: Who replaces Avery?

    And I am sure you are most likely correct. My opinion as to certain players needing to move on was formed several games ago not just the Norfolk State game. :)
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    Re: Who replaces Avery?

    I do not think this move was the right move at this time throw shooting doomed this team from the NCAA's this season, but I think that could have been corrected a whole lot easier than...
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    Politics: Re: 2020 Dem POTUS candidate catch all discussion thread

    Today the U.S. Department of Agriculture requires labels with the term ‘yam’ to be accompanied by the term ‘sweet potato.’ Unless you specifically search for yams, which...
  24. Re: One Of The Biggest At-Home DNA Testing Companies Is Working With The FBI

    I got wild hair...but no I'm not him lol!!! ;)
  25. Re: One Of The Biggest At-Home DNA Testing Companies Is Working With The FBI

    I firmly believe we are all aliens, not natural to this planet, but genetically created from the nearest Earthling creature to our alien creators through DNA splicing, a combination of both. In other...
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