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  1. Game Thread:  Re: Berkeley @ Rebel Black Bear Baby [Land]shark Thingys

    Can't believe this thread is three pages long. Don't really give a rip myself let em whine.
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    Re: Coach Saban's 150th Win

    Congrats Coach! Looking forward to 151 against the black bears next weekend!
  3. Re: The Days of Their Vols (The 2019 Vol meltdown thread)

    Agreed. They want no part of the Blazers.
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    Re: Notre Dame fake injuries

    As ridiculous as that was I still think they out coached the Dawgs bigtime. The domers impressed me last night and earned some respect from this observer.
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    Re: Butch Jones Appreciation Thread

    An Analyst analyzes. In other words, a high paid GA.
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    Question: Re: Who is your top 6 after Week 4?

    I see no clear team that is head and shoulders above the rest. I don't think Georgia is as good as I thought they were, Clempson still has played no one as TAMU really is bad this year, Auburn is a...
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    Re: Upsets for week 4

    App St > Tarheels
    BYU > UDUB
    Buffs > Sun Devils
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    Question: Re: Georgia vs ND...whatís up with the hype?

    All the hype with everyone going with UGA in a slaughter can't be good for the dawgs. The consensus is a Georgia win by 14. This is going to be a closer game that we think I suspect due in large...
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    Re: My trip to Williams-Brice

    Great snapshot of your experience 81. And I just loved your perspective of the Najee leap touchdown catch / run. Welcome home!
  10. Re: Letís discuss our many injuries, so many freshmen.

    I get the feeling that when we get into the meat of the schedule we will have some blitzing action. LSU, Barney and UGA will get our best shot you can count on that.
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    Re: Saban said he regrets leaving LSU !!!

    I heard that she passed but didn't know of what. I remember the day he landed like it was yesterday. The look on his face when she did that. At the time it was an embarrassing moment but in...
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    Re: 81s "Who Ya Got?" Thread For Week Four

    The MAIN Event:

    The DARK Matches:
  13. Re: CFN: Alabama vs. Southern Miss Template Fearless Prediction, Game Preview

    Me too! Also gives our D Freshmen starters a chance for more baptism by fire. They need to grow up and get some confidence going down the stretch.
  14. JessN: Re: USM preview: Golden Eagles can fly, but have trouble stopping their prey

    I yearn for the day when Jess can legitimately give the special teams category back to us.
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    Re: Saban said he regrets leaving LSU !!!

    Takes me back to the day he arrived in Tuscaloosa with Mal. The woman in the crowd that hugged him. Twelve years on I am still pinching myself. What a run.
  16. Re: Mike Leach is a National Treasure (an appreciation of his views on various subjec

    Thing is, Leach can win some football games. Texas Tech was a perfect fit for him but now Washington State is better. Dude has a great gig and job for life short of running naked down main street...
  17. Re: Auburn Booster to Go After Bob Stoops if Auburn Loses Iron Bowl

    The net effect of Gus being shown the door is his re-appearance as the Hogs head man next year and the barn throwing wads of cash at everyone only to land their third, maybe fourth choice. Maybe...
  18. Question: Re: What do you expect to see when the Barn faces The Aggies?

    There is the scenario that the barn wins and Nix gets hurt...they both lose.
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    Alabama: Re: Latest Bama News 9/9/2019 Thru 9/15/2019

    God Bless you and your family Al. Nancy is home now and smiling down on y'all giving you the strength to carry on until the day we all return home.
  20. Re: Letís discuss our many injuries, so many freshmen.

    Coach Bryant would say that you can count a loss for every true freshman you start. That is not entirely true today especially given the elite recruiting we have maintained for over a decade now. ...
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    JessN: Re: SEC Preview and Predictions: Week 4

    Agreed. Also, Aubie is not all that either and expect a L at Kyle Field.
  22. Question: Re: What do you expect to see when the Barn faces The Aggies?

    I think it will be an interesting game to watch. I'll take TAMU in a squeaker.
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    Re: Betting Odds for Week 4 Games of Note

    Got to agree here. Just not sold the UGA is that much better than the Domers.
  24. Question: Re: How should a team handle Clemson's 3-2-6 defense

    No, no blue font. Look, I know this is a football discussion board and this has turned out to be a pretty good thread. But ever since last years loss it seems like there are many posters way too...
  25. Re: Another Bama player lost for the year: Labryan Ray this time

    I hate it for Ray, God speed to his healing, but Barmore will be the beneficiary of this injury and I have heard great things about him. And for the glass half empty crowd, check your pessimism at...
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