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  1. ADMIN NOTE: Re: Do not turn every post into something political

    I am going to use this for the next time I need to say I'm sorry to my wife. She will melt with this cute picture.:)
  2. Re: Man Gets Bit Kissing Rattlesnake (One Guess)

    Hate to call a person a fool but that was dam foolish.:eek2:
  3. Re: California gas tax increases .10 per gallon

    Our government thinks that higher taxes will fix problems that they have but we all know that they will just spend more.
  4. Re: Nearly 20% of child deaths in one UK town due to inbreeding

    Sounds like a porno horror movie.:)
  5. Re: What are your thoughts on the Confederate memorials being taken down in NOLA?

    This argument about different Monuments could go on. Like Lincoln ordered the death of 302 Indian males hung in Minnesota and told them he will get rid of all the Indians in that state. I'm sure they...
  6. Re: The IMF is proposing a 10% tax on all deposits in Europe

    I agree and get ready. The direction that this Country is going whatever is happening in Europe will happen here.
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    Link: Re: Angry Woman Runs Over Hairdresser...

    What I have learned from this thread is don't let a very ugly woman with crazy eyes tie me up at anytime. Just more that I have learned from reading Tidefans.:)
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    News Article: Re: Morning Joe's Mika and Joe engaged

    Hell any decent looking woman dress like that and in that position looks that way.:)
  9. Re: TX man finds girl friend asleep in bed with another man...takes photos of them

    This is a powerful point. When I read its like watching a video and I agree its no different. Some will say the visual is more powerful and maybe for some but just saying.
  10. Re: IRS/Feds raid Televangalist Benny Hinn's Texas HQ

    Seeing a Preacher with this kind of power over people gives me thoughts of Jim Jones. Very unsettling.
  11. Re: TX man finds girl friend asleep in bed with another man...takes photos of them

    He's got the right mindset. Instead of freaking out and doing something that will land in jail he just wants to embarrass her.
  12. Re: Ancient stone carvings show how comet struck Earth in 10,950BC, sparking civiliza

    No doubt very fascinating. That long ago and the type of intelligent that this shows. To them and even if it was today would be very terrifying.
  13. Re: China allegedly moving 150K troops to NK border

    Does this hatred for the United States stem from the Korean war or is it from modern times? The middle east has me debating a lot of what we did over there but I do truly believe this butterball...
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    Link: Re: Flordia man strikes again...

    This just shows me that my life is very boring.:)
  15. Re: Hitler is mad about the I-85 Bridge Collapse in Atlanta!

    For People that work in Atlanta how bad is it? Just driving thru can be a major ordeal.
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