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  1. News Article: Re: The ballad of Leroy Cook, Alabama's forgotten football superstar

    Great read...I'm glad that he did well after his football career was over, its certainly a testament to the lessons he learned from CPB and his family.
    Believe it or not I remember his
  2. Link: Re: Devon Gales, Paralyzed By Hit Against Georgia, Is Walking Again

    Great way to start a Friday...great news!
  3. Re: Tidewater and TIDE-HSV meet for lunch - at a Cajun restaurant, amid LSU colors...

    My wife & I were at this fine establishment a few weeks ago...we always love it. Despite the abundance of purple & gold there, our waitress was wearing an Alabama T Shirt, so we were quite happy...
  4. Link: Re: South Carolina has replaced the bye week prior to Bama games.

    "and the barn scheduled Mercer."

    I think Bama plays Mercer...AU plays La-Monroe prior to playing us.
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    Re: Coach Bryant Has A Message For Us All

    One of my favorite commercials ever. I'm still very fortunate to have my mom and dad around.
  6. Re: What is Your Best "I'll Never Forget It" Moment in Alabama Football? many, but here's the pared-down list...
    1985 Iron Bowl
    1971 Iron Bowl...I was (and remain) a huge Johnny Musso fan, so that game was huge for a 9 year-old Bama fan that I was.
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    Re: Skip Bertman please hire

    If they would have included "master clock manager" they would have hit the trifecta!
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    Re: Sorry, it's the off-season. Per Cecil:
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    Re: CNS agrees to extension through 2025

    He's earned every penny...and I'm really glad he's our coach.
  10. News Article: Re: LSU Player commits robbery wearing his jersey

    Maybe he always figured he'd wind up in a uniform with stripes on it...
  11. Re: What is your worst "I never get over it" moment?

    Since we're venturing into the baseball world, the 1986 World Series was like a punch in the gut...the Red Sox were one out away and the ball gets through Buckner's feet, Mets score & win game 6,...
  12. Re: What is your worst "I never get over it" moment?

  13. Re: What is your worst "I never get over it" moment?

    1972 Iron Bowl...I was 10 years old and my cousin (AU fan, 4 years older than me) kept poor mouthing AU all game long as we listened on the radio. He would occasionally sneak over and change the...
  14. Re: BCS Controversies Revisited: 2006 - Rematch, Lost Match, And Mismatch

    great reads!
  15. Re: Bennie Perrin has passad away

    My of my office compadres read about Benny and thought it was from can delete if needed.
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