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  1. Re: Spring Practice Thread (Practice Reports, Press Conference Updates, etc)

    People look at star ratings all wrong. This is how a scout explained it me several years ago:

    In very simple terms, a 5 star rating means the person evaluating them believes the player is ready...
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    ADMIN NOTE: Re: Welcome to The Rivalry Room!

    I agree
  3. Question: Re: Alabama and FSU: What, specifically, were the adjustments?

    well, here is my take on the FSU- OM game:

    Ole Miss looked like they stacked the box early, expecting FSU to run the ball heavy with a freshman QB. They were successful in stopping the run, and...
  4. Re: Here's Why We Need Arky Specifically to Beat Ole Miss (Extra Motivation)

    though it may matter that Ole Miss loses for Bama to get in the SECCG, assuming Bama wins out, it may not effect the playoff chances because if Bama wins out they will be at least 4th in the national...
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    Link: Re: SECís current 5-star players

    these articles crack me up... which is a better a player: a first year true freshman 5 star player or a fifth year senior starting for his 2nd or 3rd year who was ranked as a 3 star coming out of...
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    Re: Blake Sims invited to Senior Bowl

    I hope you are right about that, but listening to 105.5 yesterday on the way home, they had someone from the senior bowl on there and they said he was not even on the "watch list" and that they were...
  7. Re: 2014 NCAA Playoff-Can they keep Alabama out now?

    It looks like they changed (or added) rules 2.g and 2.h this year. It was decided by the highest ranked BCS team at one point very recently (maybe last year or year before last was last I looked it...
  8. Re: 2014 NCAA Playoff-Can they keep Alabama out now?

    we could get in with a 1 loss OM team and 1 loss MSU team - if we win out and MSU beats OM, then we would have a three way and the highest rated team would win the tie breaker.... since our lost...
  9. Re: Scenarios for the SEC to get two teams in four team playoff.

    This is just my opinion:

    FSU is in the playoff as long they are ACC champion and undefeated.

    The SEC champion is in as long as they have 1 loss or less (OM, MSU, UGA, Bama, and Auburn all in...
  10. Re: Dantonio has lost my respect - Playoff Comments

    in a way I agree that an "at large" shouldn't go ahead of another conference champion. The record or perception still doesn't solve the issue of who is "truly" the best...I have said all along that...
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    winningest senior class?

    Haven't really seen this discussed yet, but how does this senior class compare to others in the total win column?

    This years class has 45 wins so far (5th year seniors have been part of 59...
  12. Re: Ridiculous conference stats (as of Oct 19th)

    here is a crazy stat for you: Not one single team Bama has played this year has had the ball in the 2nd half with a chance to tie the game or take the lead.... in other words, every time in the 2nd...
  13. who were the 6 that didn't play saturday?

    Didn't get to watch the game yet , but did watch the Nick Saban show and he made reference to 6 "normal" contributors who didn't play on Saturday. I have read on here where Steen didn't play, and I...
  14. Re: My retirement as a football fan (in general) might be closer than what I thought.

    I actually had this same conversation with my neighbor yesterday. I am not a fan of where it is going today, and not just the on the field rules, but the off the field rules (the NCAA as a whole) as...
  15. ADMIN NOTE: Geno smith arrested - suspended one game (See warning post below...)

    saw some banter on another board about this then found this...
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