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    Game Thread: Re: Buckeyes vs. Tigers

    I wish D Watson would get a penalty for the constant celebrating / show boating.
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    Question: Re: Iron Bowl - Would you rather?

    I vote scenario 3:

    The Coaching Staff says they are ready to play.
    The Coaching Staff plays the best players.
    The Coaching Staff calls running plays in the red zone. (A fellow can dream, can't...
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    Re: Question about Jalen's Development

    I say re-read this thread in a couple of years and we'll get a good chuckle.

    Jalen is a true freshman playing the #3 SOS teams. He will be fine in the years to come. I seem to remember AJ over...
  4. Re: No Sweet Home Alabama or Sweet Caroline during the game today?

    If you weren't there, don't complain about folks leaving early. It was brutally hot.
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    Re: Jersey Countdown to Gameday

    Biscuit is still my favorite Bama line backer and I was in the student section at that game. Not an attempt to change the topic, but in todays game, would that tackle get Bama a targeting call (head...
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    Re: Kevin Turner Passed

    Dabo Swinney read text messages between him and KT at the funeral. Very touching. Rest in Peace, Kevin.
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    Re: Clemson's review of the onside kick

    Also, Bama had a player on the left side of the kick team circling around behind the kicker headed to the right side. Saban covers all bases!
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    Re: Ole Miss vs Auburn - Who are you pulling for?

    Not a hard question to answer at all. I hope the aubs lose the coin toss, the turn over battle, TOP and everything else that has to do with the game. I hope they lose their keys and can't make it...
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    Re: Are Stadium Dogs a Thing of the Past?

    All the concessions in our area were out of POPCORN!!! How does that happen???
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    Re: Calvin Ridley & Amari Cooper Comparisons

    It's one game. The initial "starting" comparison is there. Now let's just see if Ridley can match the career of Coop. He's got a long row to hoe. No disrespect to Ridley, just saying Cooper set the...
  11. Re: Ok- let's actually put together a legitimate Top 5......

    I want Florida, LSWho, and Tex A&M ranked ahead of us! (now) Cause they on the schedule (or possibly in the SEC Championship). I do not want to be ranked 4th towards the end with an undefeated Ohio...
  12. Question: Re: Why doesn't Alabama have a coach dedicated to special teams?

    My 2 cents to improve special teams (receiving kick offs) without a coach:

    Take a knee every time and start on the 25. No more fumbles, less injuries, better starting field position than our...
  13. Re: So, linemen downfield... something has to change!

    Need to change to the Pro rule of one yard down field or make it reviewable. Or, let the fans call it. My section clearly saw it!!
  14. Re: To all the fans that left early......thanks for nothing!

    I was there and stayed and cheered to the end.

    To all who say what they would have done, come to the game next week, buy some tickets that people are selling all around the stadium and help me...
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    Re: Dixieland Delight???

    I was there. They played it. Many added the words. Sad...
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