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    Re: Liberty to join FBS

    no thanks
  2. Re: Is Bama seriously interested in Texas Tech DL transfer?

    I started a thread on this a while back. I'm certain we'd take him if he were genuinely interested. I don't know that he is. But if so he's likely a take, though he won't be eligible until 2018 I...
  3. Re: Jerry Sandusky Son Arrested On Child Sex Charge

    Is this the same adopted son featured heavily in the documentary?
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    Re: Military Academy Recruiting?

    GI bill pays for their education, they then go into active service after graduation
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    Re: 2016-2017 Coaching Carousel

    Most think we will target a Kicking coach of some type. Saban has talked about the need for a dedicated kicking coach a lot in the past.

    No clue who that would be, but he'll find the best.
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    Re: Report: Sark to be Named Falcons OC

    Mike Shula for OC! (runs, hides from bottles and trash)
  7. Link: Re: *** 2017 4* LB VanDarius Cowan Flips to Alabama from FSU ***

    Yea apparently we have a mid semester that allows some guys to enroll in February. Cowan and Mac jones are two of them, Xavier may also be on that list
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    Re: DE LaBryan Ray commits at 11:40am CT

    rtr, best pickup in the class IMO.
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    Re: WR Henry Ruggs commits at 10am CT

    Rtr best wr class one could dream of
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    Re: Defensive Line Recruiting

    The staff has seen that one coming for a while, not sure it's that earth shattering. Nor do I think he would have been an immediate contributor, hopefully when he's done with juco we'll see him back...
  11. Re: **** 4 * WR Tyrell Shaver commits to Alabama ****

    Yea shavers has been overlooked. This wr class could be one of the strongest Saban has brought in, espcially if we add ruggs and/or smith.
  12. Re: late scheduled official visitor for this weekend : CB Ameer Speed

    Yes seems to be underrated but getting a lot of attention late.

    Probably either as I think has become the case with most db recruits recently

    Yes we have space.
  13. Re: 2017 4* Kicker Brandon Ruiz Updates (Flips to Arizona State)

    Can we find a golden retriever who is really good at kicking? Ive see those air bud movies and it usually works out well,.
  14. Re: Texas tech DT Breiden Fehoko

    yea he was class of 2015 and appears to be a true sophomore, so likely he'd have to sit the 2017 season. but we'll need DT's in the next class as well.
  15. Re: Texas tech DT Breiden Fehoko

    Link to his 24/7 profile
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