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  1. Re: Univ Michigan - Students demand a "No White People" space

    This is the left for you.
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    Re: Presidents Day

    Which one Bill or Hillary?:) Sorry.
  3. Re: Bham Church Seeks to Establish Police Force

    Security yes, police force no and don't see the need. This might be a record for this many agreeing on something here lately.:)
  4. Question: Re: What Does A Trump Impeachment Look Like?

    I love this stuff. The left are raising hell of this info and it was required by breaking the law and nobody is looking at that. I know that most might not think this is important but I can say this...
  5. Re: Mark Ingram bags 600# wild boar.............with one shot

    Agree and made the mistake of going hog hunting in Texas in august.
  6. Re: muslim charity worried Sessions will cut off its federal funding

    I didn't know that the federal government gave money to religious groups?
  7. Re: The Liberal Left - Just Doesn't Get How to Beat Trump (Rosie plays Bannon on SNL?

    LOL good one.:-)
  8. Re: It's not Orwell's '1984', it's Huxley's 'Brave New World'...

    Huxley was by far the closest one to the reality of the future. 1984 has its on message about all the monitoring going on of everybody to a point to just wonder where that will end up.
  9. Re: Hamas bomb maker accidentally blows himself up

    He came and went at the same time.:)
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    Re: Happy Waitangi Day.

    Now that would be a party!!:)
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    Re: Happy Waitangi Day.

    Do we drink, dance or both?:-)
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    News Article: Re: Californians looking to secede?

    If one state is allowed to secede then you would see a landslide. I could see the South and the Midwest getting together and making their on Country and leaving the rest to fend for themselves.:)
  13. Re: History lesson:* stupid is as stupid does

    Not protecting our borders and letting the cancer of islam take root here is stupid.
  14. Re: Trump supporter denied service: Company won’t frame inauguration photos

    I know you have the internet because you are posting on TF. Search key word female Genitalia and I'm sure you will not miss your hustlers.:)
  15. Re: Russian spy linked to Trump's dirty dossier found dead in Moscow

    Clintons were better making it look like suicide.:)
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