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    Re: HaHa tweets a nice compliment to CNS

    Just look at the ones that don't get it while there. When they get in real trouble, where do they go for help?

    I think that says more about CNS than anything.
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    Re: Alabama Adds La-Monroe to 2015 Schedule

    It may have more to do with recruiting than revenge.
  3. Re: Ole Miss’ Nkemdiche Brothers Sued For Battery, Alleged Victim Seeking $2 Million

    People looking to be offended will find it every time.

    All I know is I'm glad we did not get either one of these young men.
  4. Link: Re: Tide Signer Cornwell Works On Knee & Is Ready To Compete

    We like to think we know, & we have our favorites. But I really think it is wide open to anyone. I'm not sold on Coker either but Imhave not seen him in action.

    This is such an important decision...
  5. Re: Saban confirms he’s partner in Mercedes dealership

    First I don't know about Alabama but Crown dealerships down here have a bad reputation. I use Fields Mercedes in Lakeland.

    I own 2 a GLK & a E350.

    Nothing rides like a Mercedes Benz period. I...
  6. Re: If Auburn Fans won't shop at Rashaan Evans' Family Store, Bama Fans will!

    What kind of store is it?
  7. Re: Saban Coaching Error in game against Auburn


    You know people forget our defense allowed the come back so it was a whole team loss, not just the kickers, running backs & that one crazy play.

    This loss was a full team effort.
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    Re: Finebaum Grilling Jame Franklin

    I have to say Franklin did a good job at Vandy for Vandy. Now he is in an entirely different arena. We will see very soon how he measures up.
  9. Link: Re: Tide Signer Cornwell Works On Knee & Is Ready To Compete

    I do not have the knowledge about knee rehabs but I do think the Best will start whoever it is. This will probably be the most important decision made by Kiffin & CNS for the season.

    I still think...
  10. Re: Bama great Keith McCants arrested for the 12th time

    I knew him when he was down here. He ran with the wrong crowd at All the wrong places. He was very quite & reserved, word was that injuries caused a lot of the search for pain relief. From what I...
  11. Link: Re: Auburn fans heckling Alabama LB signee Rashaan Evans

    This is a Great suggestion.
  12. Re: Arkansas's Alex Collins suspended from the team.

    I don't get it either? Sounds dumb.
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    Re: Get ready for another title run.

    Playing in the SEC nothing is a sure thing.

    First, all these talented players Must Buy In to the Coaches instruction.

    LEADERS must step up on the team.

    We need to dodge injuries as much as...
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    Re: *** LB Rashaan Evans Signs With Alabama ***

    That is soooooo Goooood! Thanks
  15. Re: ESPN Poll asks if Alabama is most over-analyzed team

    Everyone looks for a short cut. For an ahha moment or thing. But with Alabama it is just so many little things the coaches & staff do that build a winning program.

    CNS has said it himself our fans...
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