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    Link: Article on Amari Cooper

    I like what I'm reading
  2. Link: Re: Ha Ha Clinton Dix suspended for violation of team rules, Saban says

    Much ado about nothing. :rolleyes: Its a yearly thing. Break the rules, and sit out until you get yourself straight.
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    Re: CFN Bama vs. Ole Miss

    In the A&M game we had to play containment. Wallace isn't a running threat so that means our ends can pin their ears back and go wide open. Look for the secondary to look much better because of this.
  4. Re: Caption This Pic - T'Eo Kisses the Crystal Football

    are you sure crystal doesn't have a smell?
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    Re: BCS NCG "Expert" Prediction Tracker

    I just lol'd
  6. Re: The south Florida Saban haters are out in full force...

    It's sad when the best thing to come out of Miami is the Cubans.
  7. Re: Nike introduces uniform system for BCS game

    I am a traditionalist but I agree with u on this. I like the chrome look that TCU has on theirs and I think it would look incredible in crimson.
  8. Link: Re: A Florida Player Stays To Sing His Final Alma Mater Of The Season All By Himself

    A beacon of fortitude and character where none was to be found.
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    Question: Big Al question

    Is there a reason Big Al is never in any of the Capital One commercials? I know it's a rather silly question but I've never seen him in any over the years.
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    Re: Weather for title game (rain/wind)

    I lived in Florida for over seven years. They have no clue what the weather will do that day, much less, seven days out. It's where meteorologists go to die.
  11. Re: Aerosmith: Toys In The Attic; and BAMA-Notre Dumb

    That is really cool! Thanks for sharing this
  12. Re: What auburn fans will be doing during the Iron Bowl.

    this is the one that made me want to take a bat to them. Piece of crap fanbase.
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    Recruiting Trend

    We are having a Dynasty unfolding before our eyes and it made me think back to USC in the early 2000's. That got me to noticing some other similarities that weren't really our strongpoint, probably...
  14. Re: 2012 Navy pro combat Uni's for Army game

    They need a spot on the helmet for the eagle, globe, and anchor for the Navy players that are Marines.
  15. Re: We knew it was coming - LSUFreek's latest...

    What is the name of the movie?
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