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    Re: Predict The Record for 2019

    Is everyone hedging their guess to be accurate? Or do you all really think we are going to lose a game this year?
  2. Re: UGA dismisses 5* OLB Brandon Cox

    Brandon Cox was a player for Auburn a few years back. This guys name is Brenton Cox, and it looks like prior to his early signing to UGA in Dec. he only took one other official visit. It was to...
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    Question: Re: Status of Anoma

    Not being able to keep control of your emotions during tense 3rd down situations could cost a game or two later in the season. Might be for the best.
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    Question: Re: Status of Anoma

    Mental health is serious issue in our world that doesn’t get the same ‘glitz and glam’ discussions as a lot of other health issues we address in our society. The more I think and read about Anoma,...
  5. Re: USAT: Clemson, not Alabama, now face of college football

    The word dominated refers to the scoreboard at the end of the game. We lost by a dominating amount of points. Despite the context of the game, thats not what people remember. People remember Sunshine...
  6. Question: Re: What will it take for Bama to win another NC this year?

    I think the most key factor, and most overlooked one at that is that we have to score more than the other team.. in every game.
  7. Re: Thousands of Christians petition Netflix to cancel Amazon's Good Omens mini serie

    Pretty funny considering how great of a show Good Omen turned out to be. I loved it!
  8. Re: Rod Bramblett and Wife in Serious Car Accident; Wife Passes Away

  9. Re: Is this the year Ben Davis “breaks out?”

    It would be good enough for me. But for a former 5 star recruit I would imagine his ego is a little bruised by this point. Hopefully something will click.
  10. Re: Is this the year Ben Davis “breaks out?”

    I think Ben will see playing time, on a limb to say later in the year significant contribution, of anything at least special teams. I base that on the idea that I Think there has to be a reason he...
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    Re: Florida Loses A Top Recruit

    Go get em Saban!
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    Re: Jonathan Allen: "I still hate Clemson"

    At this point, looks like having Tebow was more of a handicap. D Watson is the better deal, handsdown.

    Exaccctly.. Clemson still doesn't even sniff the same caliber competition. To their...
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    Re: Jonathan Allen: "I still hate Clemson"

    TLDR: We good.
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    Re: Jonathan Allen: "I still hate Clemson"

    All due respect, that "*" to the end of your 2-2 sounds pathetic to other fanbases. The resulting outcome doesn't sound any better saying we "almost" won. God I really really really really hate...
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    Re: Jonathan Allen: "I still hate Clemson"

    Clemson's 2020 class is starting to look intimidating if you haven't seen it yet. I keep thinking Clemson will stop getting these Dline recruits, but they just keep coming. And why in the .. just...
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    Link: Re: Jarrett Stidham Hurt His Stock at Auburn

    I thought the comedy of his contract renegotiation was a clear indication that Gus Malzahn's tenure is coming to a close.
  17. Re: Tua's status for the 2020 draft - according to NFL Scouts

    Why is everyone so sure he is going to leave as a Jr? His little brother is on the team -Hawaiians love family. Maybe Tua stays hungry for another championship run? I see lots of reasons to stay..
  18. Re: Tua's status for the 2020 draft - according to NFL Scouts

    I thought it was interesting they correlated Tua having bad games to getting hit.
  19. Re: Clemson Makes Dabo Highest Paid Coach in the Nation (10 years, $93 million)

    I’m not a Clemson fan so I didn’t pick up on it, can you clarify??
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    Link: Trouble in Athens (UGA Staffers Related)

    Story brewing out of Kirby's Camp

    As it turns out, a boss and worker were having an affair. Thought their bagman went and got busted crootin!
  21. 2019 Recruiting: Re: 2019 4* Hoover WR George Pickens (AU Commit) flips to UGA

    I understand biases, but I have a bit of a problem with some of these posters almost gloating about how bad Pickens’ grades were. Is that what you saw and know, or is that what you heard, and how do...
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    Question: Re: Who do Tide Fans want after Saban?

    Damn that’s a depressing thought, not going to lie.
  23. Re: Alabama, Oklahoma announce future home-and-home

    Well, living in Tulsa rn I'm very excited about this... But what will Alabama football look like? Lincoln Riley will be 52; Coach Saban will be 80!
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    Re: Who replaces Avery?

    I posted in another thread, but I see this is the one that’s popping. What would a homerun hire look like? If hypothetically Calipari coached at Alabama for 3 years, what would our Basketball program...
  25. Re: Alabama and Johnson Agree on Terms of Buyout

    Really have a tremendous amount of respect for coach Avery, I have always liked the way he represented our program, and I really do appreciate that Coach. Alabama will really have to buckle down if...
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