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  1. Re: CBS Blackout on Directv...Hope this is resolved soon

    I think it's just in the Birmingham Market. That CBS is blacked out. I have HULU and an antenna. I'm good.
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    Re: Sling tv for bama ball?

    Last year I had Hulu TV for the 1st time during football season. Me and my brother always text after a Bama touchdown when we aren't watching it together. He has Directv through the satellite. He was...
  3. Re: Big News Out of Tuscaloosa - Conecuh Sausage Now "The Official Smoked Sausage" of

    That is the best sausage around Milo's has there sausage on biscuits had one this morning. So good.
  4. Re: NCAA threatening to ban California schools from championships?

    This will be the beginning of the end of the NCAA if they do this. I actually agree with something California is doing. If more states do this then it will force the power 5's hand possibly to create...
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    Re: Sling tv for bama ball?

    What I've seen you can't get the regular cable channels with ESPN+ alone. You still have to have cable or a streaming service.
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    ADMIN NOTE: Re: Welcome to The Rivalry Room!

    I agree
  7. Re: The Helmet Question in honor of Old Man Dan ???????

    Not a fan of the Script A on the helmet keep the #'s, but that picture of the crimson chrome helmet does look sharp. I am also a proponent of the white helmet return. I loved it when I was kid in the...
  8. Re: ATTN: Ticket Sellers & Buyers - 2010 Ticket Policy - MUST ALSO INLUCDE this info

    sounds good
  9. Re: What's the best road stadium/game day experience you've ever had?

    I've only been to 2 road games 1 1996 NC State Carter Finley Stadium at the time was really small and there were more Bama fans there than NC State fans. 2 within the last few years been to been to...
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