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    Question: Re: Remember when GameDay was fun to watch?

    i still enjoy it as well as SEC Nation. thats usually the time i'm grilling/drinking if i'm not going to a game that day. I'd watch any studio pregame show actually. I just love sports talk. I can...
  2. Re: Draftek - August 1st - 8 First Round Picks from Bama - Mock Draft

    he has Hebert at 1. which tells me he has no clue what he's doing
  3. Re: Donta Hall joins Detroit Pistons for NBA Summer League

    that would be a heck of an accomplishment.
  4. Re: Duke-Bama tickets for the price of a rack of Dreamland ribs

    they will be even cheaper the week of the game..and of course you have the great stadium food prices. easy decision for me to attend that one considering what i have paid for big games in the past....
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    Re: Who throws for more yards Tua or Jalen?

    i'll say Tua by a lot..We have at least 4 future NFL WR's on our team.. They will get open. run after catch will be impressive as well
  6. Re: Video of Coach Oats on court coaching Bama practice

    hoping fans dont get their hopes up to high..never ends well... lets get through a season and see what we have first.. looks good so far though
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    Re: 2019-2020 Roster

    Coach is way ahead of the curve. A lot of NBA players have been using it for conditioning the past couple years ive noticed. love the creativity..
  8. Question: Re: Will Bama ever return to a physical running game?

    doubt it this season. with our WR core and Tua at QB we will utilize our best players. at some point i expect us to have a generational type RB and then i think we will go with a physical running...
  9. Re: If you could attend any game in the nation in 2019, what game would it be and why

    would love to see OSU/Michigan just once
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    Re: Alcohol at SEC venues

    i'm glad they arent gonna allow it. it's not just behavior during games, but the behavior after games on the way out. I've seen some bad enough things as is. Thats not even including people driving...
  11. Re: Coiuld someone explain wht the NBA does a lottery draft?

    to prevent extreme tanking. they changed it a little this year to go even further to prevent tanking. it worked well. more teams had a legit shot at the top pick. Including teams who did not tank
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    Re: Sexton Lived Up to the Hype as a Rookie

    sexton had a very good year..heck of an accomplishment being 2nd team.. Young had a heck of a 2nd half of his season. saw a stat where he led the league by far in made 3's% 30 feet plus. meaningless...
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    Re: Trendon Watford (Commits to LSU)

    would have been nice to have him but i think he's 1 and done regardless of whether he's ready or not. will have no affect on our rebuilding.. next years recruiting is much more important
  14. Re: Tua's status for the 2020 draft - according to NFL Scouts

    its just top players in his opinion available though so who knows how it plays out. like you noted, been a long time since a WR went 1.
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    Re: 2020 NFL Mock Draft

    thats if Fitzpatrick doesnt keep Rosen on the bench. whichever one gives them the best chance to tank for tua i guess will get the nod. maybe they will trade Rosen for a WR cause they aint got nothing
  16. Re: Tua's status for the 2020 draft - according to NFL Scouts

    I think we have 2 no doubt 1st rounders in Tua and Jeudy.. We have several who could play themselves into a 1st round pick. best bets IMO are Ruggs, Davis and Lewis
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    Re: Trendon Watford

    i think trendon is banking on himself that he is 1 and done. not saying its a bad thing btw..reminds me of kevin knox as a player
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    Link: Re: Oats Discusses Roster on JOX

    interesting takes..seems like we're going to have an identity as a team year 1 from the jump
  19. Re: *** 2019 SG Jaylen Forbes SIGNS with Bama***

    Could have been a glitch...PF abbreviation in the NBA is definitely power foward... the term point forward is not an official position much like combo-guard...someone correct me if I'm wrong...
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    Game Thread:  Re: Auburn vs. UVA...

    Glad the aubs are done.. definitely the correct foul call... the big turn of events in my eyes was the bad 3-pointer Brown hoisted up late
  21. Re: Things I Would Do Before I Root for AU in the Final Four:

    i'd rather take a nap in a bed of poison ivy
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    News Article: Re: Alabama Hires Nate Oats From Buffalo

    "He says John Petty Jr. has to work on his ball handling and Herbert Jones needs to work on his shot"

    refreshing to hear coach acknowledge 2 glaring issues
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    Re: What About Those Auburn Tigers? me big time
  24. Game Thread:  Re: Elite Eight and forward thread...

    hate seeing Duke lose. Makes the road for Aurbren a little easier IMO.. was looking foward to seeing Zion punish them. Oh well, lets go Virginia..
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    Re: 2019 4* SG Harland Beverly

    Kid looks like a big time defender. I like
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