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    Link: Re: 2015 SEC Football Helmet Schedule

    It's also worth noting that while some of our opponents aren't coming off an official bye, essentially these are: Ole Miss (Fresno St), UGA (Southern), Auburn (Idaho). We have weak opponents before...
  2. Re: Landon Collins on The Paul Finebaum Show @ 2:30 CST today (11/11)

    For those that didn't get to watch, here's a summary of the conversation between Landon and Paul...paraphrasing of course:

    Asked about the win over LSU - We overcame adversity and just a...
  3. Landon Collins on The Paul Finebaum Show @ 2:30 CST today (11/11)

    Sorry for last minute post, but Landon joining the show now.
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    A picture is worth 42-14 words

    My dad was at the game and when leaving, saw this and just had to take a pic. Enjoy.
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    Re: ND practicing uptempo in Miami

    Did anyone else notice the under the breath comment at 2:24? I like to think that was someone from the ND media. Due to the language, I won't post what was said.
  6. Re: A Dad's Reaction To Getting A Ticket To The Game

    So I never posted this, but in the spirit of the best Xmas gift ever, my family did the same for my mom back in '09. It's a little long (10 minutes), but you can jump to the end if you want. Long...
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    Re: Who's coming to the game this weekend?

    117 first row behind the Bama bench. Any suggestions should the TV swing my way? I just bought a houndstooth outfit which will arrive on Friday. I work with all UGA fans and I was the one Bama fan in...
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    Re: Any celebrity sightings at the game?

    I was in the seat next to him. For a 3 time Super Bowl champion, he could not be a nicer, down to earth guy. I talked with him a lot about Bama since he didn't know too much about the team (he was of...
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    Re: Bama fans' Christmases and Bama presents

    My mom rivals some of the most diehard Bama fans and my first words being "Roll Tide" are attributed to her. We had all but given up on tix to THE GAME until a last minute surprise from my aunt and...
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    Re: STATS Sport Bar - downtown ATL

    I live in ATL and was wondering where the fans were going out on Friday night. Midtown? Buckhead? Highlands? The night before the SEC championship game is awesome with the fans sporting their colors...
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