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    Re: Sorry, it's the off-season. Per Cecil:

    Well at least he won't be a talking head on espn!
    Then again hardly anyone will be, which is a good thing!
    Did Trump LOSE those 100 or so jobs!?!
  2. Re: What is your worst "I never get over it" moment?

    Personally - for me would be when my sister was murdered in 1986.

    As for a Bama moment? - When the Bear came home in '58 and got us back to the top in '61, never forget that team!
    For those that...
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    News Article: Re: LSU Player commits robbery wearing his jersey

    Yeah, they may get bleached out, at least a little from the chlorine!
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    Re: Big Ten howling mad at SEC.

    You forgot the 'Minus Wind-Chill'...!
  5. JessN: Re: A-Day Wrap-up: Bama looks loaded again, but is not yet complete

    Hopefully this will be solved when the new kicker, Joseph Bulovas, a 6-foot, 210-pound kicker from Mandeville, La., arrives on campus next month, per A-Day reporter's! Either way he'll be there for...
  6. Re: Spring Practice Starts March 21

    Now that's FUNNY...!
  7. Re: Former Seminole DB Myron Rolle To Study Neurosurgery At Harvard Med School

    Actually all across the country, but they're not sensational enough for the evening news!
    If it ain't murder, rape, drugs, or child abuse the teenager's or young adult's just don't get recognized...
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    Re: FCS opponents prior to Auburn game

    Every time i hear that I think about App. St. putting it to Michigan a few years ago...!
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    Re: Raheem Falkins Transferring

    Now that's gotta make ya laugh!
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    Re: Offensive coordinator discussion/odds...

    Umm someone like a Jeff Horton, from San Diego St.
  11. Question: Re: What will the game of football look like 20, 30, 40 years from now?

    Lets just have 'Thunder-Dome', one man enter - one man leave... Last man to leave rules the world...!
  12. Question: Re: What will the game of football look like 20, 30, 40 years from now?

    It's getting closer & Closer, 'Lingerie Football'...
  13. JessN: Re: Clemson wrap-up: Tide loses a heartbreaker on 2 controversial TDs

    Being on the field for 100 play's kinda runs the tank down to EMPTY!
    With Bo gone, Clemson knew all they had to do was shut down Hurts running, 'cause he wasn't going to hurt them passing...
  14. Re: Pick the score: Clemson vs. Alabama (National Championship Game)

    Clemson - 26
    Bama - 31
  15. Link: Re: SNL video makes fun of Alabama football academics

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