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    2020 Prospect: Re: **** OL Xavier Hill Commits to Bama ****

    Is that a bit of a surprise?
  2. Re: UGA's Leading Receiver Dismissed Amid Assault Investigation

    I wonder if there`s any such thing as an openly identified rival fan on ITAT? .Wait, forget I asked that. Silly me. I already know the answer.
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    2020 Prospect: Re: 2020 Commits and Prospects

    No flies on his offer list for sure. Air Force Academy? Why do I think he`ll have no trouble qualifying?
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    2020 Prospect: Re: Bama Reoffers Nadab Joseph (Now in JUCO)

    Interesting to speculate what positions for remaining slots. Yes, I know. Trying to pin down # of slots available is a real guessing game with CNS and flips. Just for fun, let`s say 7. I think 2...
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    Alabama: Re: Latest Bama News 6/17/2019 Thru 6/23/2019

    Couple losses to ND hurt pretty bad.
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    2020 Prospect: Re: 2020 Commits and Prospects

    What position are we recruiting him to play? Listed at WDE at 230. Possible ILB?
  7. Question: Re: Will Bama ever return to a physical running game?

    Have to admit, there have been times when I longed for a Johnny Davis or a Ricky Moore.
  8. Re: 2020 Prospect: **** Four-star OLB Quandarrius Robinson commits to BAMA ****

    Is the general thinking that, barring decommits, we`ve only got 6-7 slots left for this class?
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    Question: Re: Starting Offensive Lineup

    I think there`s more than a little truth to this, especially Clemson. with the exception of them, the ACC is an absolute clown car. Right now, UGA is head and shoulders above the rest of the East. UF...
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    Re: Next Head Coach; Dabo, Kirby, or Jimbo

    Personally, I think a lot of folks will be watching to see how Jeremy Pruitt does at UT. If he turns that hot mess into something presentable, scratches out a couple or so wins against the trio of...
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    Re: How Long Will UGA Faithful Give Kirby...?

    Whoa! Calm down there just a bit Selma. Just trying to start a little weekend off season conversation. No need to stroke out.:D
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    Re: How Long Will UGA Faithful Give Kirby...?

    That`s interesting. So, if I understand correctly, 10 years of " close, but no cigar " as far as a national championship is concerned would be okay? That`s a lot of patience with that talent base! I...
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    How Long Will UGA Faithful Give Kirby...?

    To win a national championship? With the talent in Athens at unprecedented levels ( for UGA, IMO ), when will the patience run thin?
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    Question: Re: Starting Offensive Lineup

    Personally I`d be happy with, " 1st read...not there...2nd read...not valve...not there. Catch, cheerleaders! " Every time. Well, unless it`s wide open green grass to the end zone, I...
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    Re: FSU OLine transfer (Dickerson)

    He was a 4* out of HS, started some at FSU and got hurt, I believe. I think that they were counting on him to contribute significantly this year. Has 2 years left. I hope he can provide quality...
  16. Link: Re: Alabama snapper Scott Meyer transferring to Vandy

    Absolutely!! Good luck to you, young man. And thanks for being a contributing member to the team and University. He`ll likely have two varsity letters from two different schools. Not too shabby!
  17. Re: Do you remember the down years for Alabama football?

    Yes, I remember the late 60's all too well...
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    Re: Kirby Still Using Dirty Recruiting Methods

    Yep, as in " National " IMO. With the talent he`s got, there`s no excuse for not winning a national championship in the next two years. I fail to see how even the most diehard UGA fan can`t agree...
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    Re: Bart Starr has died

    Obviously there's no perfect man, but was there EVER anything that was in any way negative said about this man? If there was I never saw or heard it . Great gentleman. Proud that he is one of ours....
  20. 2020 Prospect: Re: **** 2020 WR Thaiu Jones Bell Committed to Alabama ****

    I`m sure he does as well, but those could certainly qualify for career highlights!
  21. 2020 Prospect: Re: 2020 WR Thaiu Jones Bell

    As was I ( and am, as well ! )
  22. 2020 Prospect: Re: 2020 WR Thaiu Jones Bell

    Had another Bell at WR some years back.
  23. Alabama: Re: Patrick Surtain Sr. talks about why Patrick II chose Alabama

    Definitely a challenge for us Baby Boomers. The millennials and younger do EVERYTHING, save sex, over the phone ( probably somebody working on that, too! ).
  24. Re: Photo Evidence of Scott Cochran's Impact on Evan Neal

    I am more than certain that CSC and CNS would be quick to tell you of the integral role that the dieticians and nutritionists play in the team`s successes. Matter of fact, wouldn`t at all be...
  25. Re: What's the best road stadium/game day experience you've ever had?

    I would agree. Everybody should experience BR on a Saturday night. In some ways it's even more enjoyable when Alabama ISN'T involved.
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