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    News Article: Re: Josh Chapman Arrested with Second DUI

    There was a drunk driver that drove off the road and hit 3 lineworkers not long after we left Mexico Beach last year. They were still there working for co-ops that were hard hit. I think they said...
  2. Re: Video of Coach Oats on court coaching Bama practice

    I agree as well. I admit I wasn't the happiest when I first learned he was "the hire" but he has recruited me just as much as he has the players he kept and got in what little time he had. He got a...
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    Re: Roster moves (transfers/draft/etc)

    Don't forget, if he plays in Texas anywhere (like Round Rock, Corpus Christi etc.) there is no state tax as well (which you definitely know)
  4. Re: Video of Coach Oats on court coaching Bama practice

    It will help when we learn how to spell Oats.:biggrin2:;)
  5. Re: Video of Coach Oats on court coaching Bama practice

    Man we can really tell we can't shoot 3's from a small clip from practice:biggrin:

    We can't build and get shooters in one year. This will be a process. Yes his offense will cause some quick...
  6. 2020 Prospect: Re: Bama Reoffers Nadab Joseph (Now in JUCO)

    I hate to go off course for a minute but I'll be rooting for Jacobs harder than I ever have a Bama kid to "make it" in the NFL.
  7. Re: Big News Out of Tuscaloosa - Conecuh Sausage Now "The Official Smoked Sausage" of

    Slice some Conecuh into thin pieces about the size of 2 quarters with some shredded habaneros and you got a nice meal:wink:
  8. Re: Big News Out of Tuscaloosa - Conecuh Sausage Now "The Official Smoked Sausage" of

    Conecuh is definitely the best sausage around
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    Re: Roster moves (transfers/draft/etc)

  10. Re: The Bronze Bomber (Deontay Wilder) speaks to the team

    Last night showed that Joshua was not what they wanted him to be and that Wilder is the best.

    Wilder is still learning too, he's learning the straight and short punches are what knocked Fury down...
  11. Re: Dabo on contract buyout if he comes to Bama

    His first 2 recruits will be Titus Ryan and Duron Carter
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    Re: Bart Starr has died

    The hits keep coming this weekend:mad2:
  13. Re: Diamond Notes : Breauxís Home Run Powers Alabama Past Samford, 4-2, on Tuesday

    My nephew moved up to Varsity for the playoffs and they faced Briarwood, McKinney has a very good arm. Really wished we could recruit Pico Kohn from Chilton County too (committed to Miss State). We...
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    Re: Better Call Saul

    Yep this might be the death of BCS. I just don't get why they don't support this show like they should. It seems to be pretty popular
  15. Re: Will Blazer's Comments Get Any Traction (about Bama football)?

  16. Re: All 14 SEC Stadiums inside of Talladega

    I used to read the meters at the track years ago and they had about 300+ meters on the property. This was even back when Harley had the R&D track inside the track as well. Was funny driving a small...
  17. Re: AHSAA changes amateurism rule after Maori Davenport controversy

    That's Steve Savarese apologizing
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    Re: CNS Has A Bad Hip

    He was clearly limping on the field. Glad to know he can get it fixed
  19. Re: How do you feel about the status of the program?

    I'm happy with things so far, Bohannon has done a good job with what he was given. I like the new Joe and we can only go up from here, of course it sucks trying to "get better" in the SEC but we...
  20. ADMIN NOTE: Re: Not football, but weather-related: Keep head on swivel today - Tornados already

    It's going to be one of those years I'm afriad
  21. Re: Ronnie Harrison fires back at CNSís remarks

    Not calling you out with this quote but that quote really drives me nuts. All these writers and press wanting to say "well he SHOULD win because he gets the best talent" like every coach doesn't try...
  22. Re: Ronnie Harrison fires back at CNSís remarks

    Not really because the NFL needs college as much as college needs the NFL. We both know good and well that 90% of the kids graduating high school are NOT ready to start in college much less the NFL....
  23. News Article: Re: SIAP: Clemson WR Justyn Ross Thinks Some NCAA Players Will Leave to Play in XFL

    We especially make them look good when DB's are getting phantom broken ankles and 5 minutes later he's ok.

    You sure on that? Baseball don't even care about diplomas, doubt much that the NFL...
  24. Re: Ronnie Harrison fires back at CNSís remarks

    Coach's comments clearly flew over Ronnie's head. The two safeties that signed in the 1st round NOT named Minkah signed for like 7 and 9 more million that Ronnie did. Is waiting one year playing a...
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    Re: SC wins in 12, 5-4

    Most teams in the nation would love to have two Finnerty's but it generally just does not happen.

    Still a good weekend for us minus the finale. This roster is competing at home and on the road...
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