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    Question: Re: Remember when GameDay was fun to watch?

    Mike Greenberg was encouraged to leave and do his own show...would not even tell Mike G. until he had to do so. Why they have Mike Jr. on the show I cannot imagine...other than nepotism He sounds...
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    Question: Re: Remember when GameDay was fun to watch?

    How do these people get these jobs? They've ruined Mike and Mike as Golic and Wingo is unwatchable...add to that what they've done with Gameday and College Football Final -- looks to me like ESPN...
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    Question: Re: Remember when GameDay was fun to watch?

    Brother Love's traveling salvation show...for college football. True believers love it...for the rest of us it is fairly predictable..and boring.
  4. Re: CBS Blackout on Directv...Hope this is resolved soon

    When my contract was up in the spring I called and indicated I was going to make a change. They dropped my bill $40 per month. Not sure what your budget is, but try again...good article in the WSJ...
  5. Re: CBS Blackout on Directv...Hope this is resolved soon

    I did the same and received the same...also the rep I talked with said he was figuring this weekend they would get the contracts worked out. I am sure they don't want to go into the fall without NFL...
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    Re: Will Nick Saban reign in Tua?

    I think you nailed it...just remember that Tua was the "youngest" QB we have played for any length of time...and also has the most ability. I rewatched some of the games from McCarron and GMac. ...
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    Re: Will Nick Saban reign in Tua?

    An interesting sidenote -- I thought I saw that Tua's father is an unpaid QB "coach" in some form or fashion. Could be that CNS values his perspective...obviously...and influence upon Tua.

  8. Re: CBS Blackout on Directv...Hope this is resolved soon

    I'm a Uverse subscriber and have been without NBC for about a month...had to watch The Open delayed on The Golf Channel. I wish there were some way to get these folks' attention...we're just pawns...
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    Re: Rolando McClain wants a comeback opportunity

    John Greenleaf Whittier: "For of all sad words of tongue or pen, The saddest are these: "It might have been!"

    Success in any endeavor in life is about more than ability....
  10. Thread: SEC Media Day

    by Padreruf

    Re: SEC Media Day

    That one statement explained so much...we thought we could cakewalk through the playoffs and even the coaches got caught up in their own agendas. Full loyalty is rare...even with high salaries and 2...
  11. News Article: Re: SEC needs to evolve football scheduling amid athletic department budget cuts

    I had an under 40 friend who is a big sports fan say to me: "I would rather do something than sit and watch someone else do something." That's a big sentiment for a lot of young adults...
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    ADMIN NOTE: Re: New front page and coming updates

    I like it, especially since CAJ's picture doesn't come up on my computer screen every time I visit....LOL!
  13. Re: "The Defense Will Be Weak....Because Of Inexperience" - A Look Back At 1979

    I too lived that year...and you nailed it. Thanks for the memories...
  14. Re: Bama Player Passes Away

    I see someone already did...tough morning...flying out to B'ham in a little while.
  15. Re: Bama Player Passes Away

    Sorry about that...can anyone edit the title to say "Former Bama Player...?"
  16. Former Bama Player Jack McKewen, Jr Passes Away

    Jack McKewen, Jr., a graduate of Shades Valley who played OL at Bama from 66-69 died on Monday evening. He had numerous injuries which kept him from starting, but he was a devoted and beloved player...
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    2020 Prospect: Re: Bama Reoffers Nadab Joseph (Now in JUCO)

    Too we often we judge these kids on the basis of very little information...I daresay my academics would not have been in shape if I had experienced what he has. Pulling for him all the way, no...
  18. Question: Re: Will Bama ever return to a physical running game?

    We're not them...and the games we have lost that were meaningful were because we scored quickly and gave the ball back to the other's chess and the moves are critical...
  19. Question: Re: Will Bama ever return to a physical running game?

    The advantage to being a running team is twofold:
    1. You wear out the opponent and they eventually give up.
    2. You play defense with offense -- keeping the ball and controlling the clock and...
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    Re: Dabo Hires Tater Tot as a Graduate Assistant

    As a Samford grad myself I had a good relationship with the oldest brother, Steve -- he and I went to undergrad and seminary together. Back in B'ham in 1985-90 we often played racquet ball together....
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    Re: Sling tv for bama ball?

    I have ATT and Uverse and like them both...but in 2 years I want you to negotiate my contract. They did drop it by 25%, but it sounds like you did even better.
  22. Re: Do you remember the down years for Alabama football?

    Do I remember them? They are permanently etched in my brain cells...late 60's....late 80's...mid 90's to always remember the losses more than the wins...always.
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    Re: Kirby Still Using Dirty Recruiting Methods

    CPB was also known to say that to recruits...and for the top tier coaches, that is true.

    On another note -- back from 3 weeks in Europe on a River Cruise...what a great vacation! Lots of...
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    Link: Re: Jarrett Stidham Hurt His Stock at Auburn

    GM is a very good recruiter -- and offensive coach when you allow his OL to block 5 yards downfield -- as has been proven ad nauseum. Given AU's "resources" he will always have good athletes -- even...
  25. Re: Will Blazer's Comments Get Any Traction (about Bama football)?

    As long as you have college athletes who may one day turn pro...and need agents...this will go on. Doesn't mean the schools knew about it or did everything they could to stop it. Just means that it...
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